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Blood Spilling~~

Woahhhhh~~ Really spent a lot lately…

Went crazy shopping in Miri. Well, not exactly crazy but just spent a lot in a day! haha ..

Bought TWO body scrubs…TWO books..and basically that’s all..Well ,there are some other stuff but then it does not matter.. I’m satisfied though I got lil things with so much money spent..At least the books are what I have been wanting! 😀

One is on Tarot card and one is on Dream…I am still on a look out for tarot cards..BTW, my day is coming maybe you wanna get me a set of nice tarot cards? haha 😛

And today went shopping in Soon Lee Megamart..and I bought…

Its not a good deal but then I like it..its like love at first sight..I don’t really like to wear watch! Its like something is blocking the free movement of my hand! But this one is really slim and basically feather-weight like! 😀 I should say this is $150 well-spent! (appx USD115).

But some who saw it says it looks like less than $10 cheap stuff! 😦 Its Swatch ok?! AND it comes with a warranty! What $10 cheap stuff?! hmph! *chuckles*

And everywhere now you go, you can see its quite red! But then I do not really feel the festivity here! ==” But everywhere is like much more of CNY than V’s Day! But TBS is quite nice..not too over and its pink! But I would not say the flower balls are really nice and very creative. But I don’t mind keeping one for myself if they do give them away! 😛


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Home Alone @ 30.01.08

Haha..wasn’t actually home alone. My maid is still in Indon for her vacation! And my room is Ann should be complaining! Haha…

I went to Miri though on the 29th! When I got home on the 28th, was so darn tired that I went to sleep straight away! Maybe the piriton that I took! ==” But I managed to set my alarm to 5.30am..or was it 5am?

All the way down to KB, i was snoozing haha..i don’t know why I was so tired still since I did not take the medicine..I forgot where I put them! ==” We went to KBBC first and you know what? Once they see me, they started on my salary! I hate it! Unless I offer to talk about it, please do NOT ask! I have my own privacy k? Mind your own business! Its not like I will give part of my money to you?! Well, if I earn millions a day..well, maybe just thousands a day only, I don’t mind to give you some *beggar!*

I really enjoyed Miri, I am not a shopping type of girl but then in Miri, I actually shopped. Maybe because we did not linger in one shopping complex too long..just a quick breeze! 😀 but i sure spend a lot of time in my Tarot and Dream books..cost me so much! But I am happy since i got them! 😀 but I ate a lot too! 😦

Back in KB by 4.30pm, went home first..i forgot about that two noisy puppies…ermm…should be dogs now! i wanted to peeeee but then i changed my mind when I heard that aunt of mine starting on my salary! ==” *Pissed* I actually planned to stay in Kb and come up to BSB with Ann today but thought better to go up BSB then. If not I have to endure that aunt’s “hospitability”!

Well..well..after the short house trip, went to Seria as my aunt want to do her hair! Have it done and went back BSB..nice time I had! 😀

Went home and been home for more than 24 hours! 😀 its quite nice 😀 I re-watched Princess Hours and Meteor Garden! haha..

The most important of all is…MY ROOM IS CLEANED! My mom got someone to clean the house for two days and made my room the first priority! Ann should be proud of me! 😀 haha

Oh..still looking for tarot cards! A complete one..:D

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Sick Leave!

Who says the sick should just be confined to the bed? Its just like saying the sick should always be sad faced and look ill…u can have cancer and yet look can have AIDS and look is just how optimistic u are in recovering though you might not even have a chance of surviving!

Had a real busy day! haha..kind of..went to CHMS BSB, my bro result came out liao..he did well! 😀 thumbs up for him! ^^V

Then we went to RIPAS..its not an alien disease I have there..its an allergy..due to what is unknown! ==” got the same predictable medicines..Piriton, Fucidine and calamine Lotion..well, i asked the doctor to change it to Calamine Cream instead..its easier for me to use! 😀

But I haven got the ubat lo~~ too many people la..even on Monday and its salary time le..why they just don;t go shopping? haha..just say say only la..haha 😛 will get my dad to take tomorrow while i go down KB..will go to Miri! hehe 😛

then straight went to get my hair done! It was supposed to be three but cos i went to see doctor kan, so I was late and made it to four pm done at about 6.45pm..i some sort of eavesdropped and knew that I was hte fourth and the last person she was going to do for today..sure business is good ahhh!

My dad came to pick me which was about 7pm liao…I forgot my we went to a bakery and i basically ate all i can! haha..then eat nasio katok lagiiiiii ==” fat fat ahhh but nevermind..haha 😛

then shopping again!!! just came back lo and bloggggggggg hehe

oh i got a nice crop jean jacket for a reasonable price 😀

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Talented Baby Sis

Just in case you all haven seen my baby sis…you should know she is so talented! Haha..i am blowing my own Well, in terms of speech, she is kinda slow but in all other ways she is just great..

Yesterday I was just complaining about my foot being so sore and she repeated after me suddenly! I was awed! haha

Since she was still very tinyyyyyy..she know how to use the DVD player and TV..well all kids should by now! haha..she insist on using the remote even! haha..and she is so clever; opening the drawers to form a stair-like steps for her to climb up and search for the DVDs..she never once misplaced the DVDs in the player! Great yeah?

Now when she sees me…I just say kiss kiss and “I”, she will continue with many kisses…and I Love You, I Miss You, I Like You! She is just so adorable…

Recently, she learnt how to use my camera phone! Some shots she made and she actually made a vid by following that person and asked her to look at the camera phone! hehe…So she is not a slow learner just in terms of speech..she might have some trouble! 😀

Well..I am here to talk about my sis…cause I am taking a sick leave! There weird allergies on my feet..went to my palms..then went on to my to my lower thigh! ==” I really want to take a piriton! By my aunt says I should just see the doctor first! :S

Now I am having my salary cut though I will get a sick leave letter! Is that not weird? No matter I have the sick leave letter or not, my salary will also be why take the letter? Waste of paper!

but one good thing about the sick leave is that I can have my hair done other than my weird itches being seen by a professional! ==” I scheduled my hair appointment at 3pm..hopefully I can make it 😀 See the doctor first! 😀

Wish me all the best! And it can be said that my January working month is over as I have three off days from tomorrow onwards..and february I can be happier I supposed! 😀 and I am going to Miri tomorrow! Money spent spent spent..well, will be spent I mean haha 😛

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Hugs and Kisses~~

First of all hugs and kisses to Mr. Alien. Thanks for all the bites but please can you make the red patches go away? its about a week already! ==” i am suffering! ==”

Well the biggest hugs and kisses all go to Ann and Emily..i love what you all got me! Its kinda early for my birthday gifts tho I must say..hehe

Anyway, I am leaving soon…we will be parting soon! i feel like saying something chessy but can’t exactly express them! But I think you all get the idea already one right? haha

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Fucking Day at Work

Tiring and darn fucked!

Well, I am here blogging instead of having my hair meaning the appointment is off..well ,there was no appointment at all today which I thought there was…confusing? well ,forget it..just that I will not be fixing my hair tonight…some other days! ==”

Today my day started well but ended dark…As I like bitching about work lately..c’est la vie! Hopefully February will really be better for me! 😀

My flu is still on…not better! ==” My feet are now worser…and the allergy seemed to have gone to my hands many red patches! ==” so itchy and all…somebody help me! 😦

Should I see a doctor? wait till I have my off day first! ==” I am very much looking forward to my three days off! 😀

Today sales is good but a mushroom been growing and trying to get more grounds…Just cause of some compliment saying she is the best at work..she thinks she can just mushroom around? She does not know only that how many people actually bitched about her too…

Anyway, gossip leads to politics at work…go away from it! But gossip is like the norm in TBS now despite many advice from V. I take heed of the advice and restrain myself from doing so. I listen sometimes but don’t want to give my comments..I learn well that I should not meddle with others’. Well, this does not include me in this blog…cause this lil page is my world…I do what I like within my conscience! 😀

Its a socio-norm in TBS that when you are on off day, you will be bitched about, when you are working, you will be bitched to about some other people. There is even a possibility that the other outlets one are bitching about you..but i now learnt better..My CBB attitude should come back! What does not kill me makes me stronger! So I accept the fact that i will be bitched about..

On a happier note.. I met Patricia and her sis today for lunch at Ideal! Saw their parents too! Its nice! 😀 Wished I had more time..I can talk non-stop! hehe..

Oh yeah about Ideal..there are just some weirdo lesbians who really profess their love out in public! ==” to Patricia… haha but its kinda sad that she said I look crazy though I don’t feel hurt! Just a tinge of sadness..I learnt not to care what mindless people have to say! Just gossips all the time!

“Great minds discuss ideas;
Average minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.”
Eleanor Roosevolt US diplomat & reformer (1884 – 1962)

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Alien Mushroom Spotted in TBS!!

Haha….today saw a weird hairdo..that day when she came after having her hair done..i was coincidentally bank maybe? well, she was just there for awhile and everyone saw her hair.. *colleagues working at that time*

In the morning my shop manager was real late and I saw my three colleagues before then..but i did not notice her hair! lolXxxxx

The first bubble that appeared above my head was “Darn, an alien i met? haha“..nah..i was really thinking “Oh god, what a mushroom head!!”

Bringing me back to history..when I first started work, she was off. But she came with others while she was shopping. She was not friendly as all would with a “Hello” or so…but she was having this wide grin..and she seemed to me to be like in her 30’s…

Sometime after..maybe a month or so? We were discussing about age..well, I am the kinda honest type of people unless I really care for you I might make out a pro and con’s list before saying “honest” stuff.

On a side note, there was this colleague of mine with a BO. I was thinking whether I should tell her or not. I contemplated twice but failed cause I am afraid to hurt her especially she is a very hygienic person! But then things turned sour and I did not get my honest words out. *Its a long story what went between don’t ask*

Back to the age thingy, I was honest to her that she looked like she is in her early 30’s when actually she is just in her mid 20’s… Maybe she still hate me till now for that! haha..who cares! I don’t give a fuck!

Anyway, soon after, I was thinking that her head actually look like a tadpole swimming when she was walking to serve the customer..honestly, being someone divorced, should she shake her butt so “violently” just to serve the customer? Haha 😛 I know I am being mean but I just have to let out what I feel…CAUSE I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF HER TODAY! Fuck off u bitch!

Or maybe she looked like a sperm finding its home?? Well, baby mushroom in making…she mentioned she wanted to cut her daughter’s maybe..haha

I want to puke too when I saw her swaying her hair with her hands as if she has the prettiest hair in the universe *loud laughs* i rather laugh than puke though cause vomiting makes me suffer!

And in the afternoon or so, a superior of mine actually came to place some of her victories from shopping down while she will go and have a nice movie with her family…her first words were “You cut your hair?”

That shameless bitch was like “Napa? Inda lawa?” *She should know the truth is yes! haha*

After a real long pause…my superior said, “errrrlawa pulang..tapi inda tau V suruh atau inda” and I can feel how insincere she was when she said her hair was nice.. *V is a superior of my superior…so she is the biggest, well after the owner and his wife! haha*

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