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Thanks Su-Lyn!

Su-Lyn! Thanks a lot..really i do not know how to tell you i appreciate the ear u lend to me…:D

But also want to apologise…sometimes its hard to say some things..but when u say it its much more precious..

Just wanna use this post to say Thank you very much and also very sorry..

thank you for the time u spent listening me to flaming *them*..sorry for making you to listen to me about them. I know you do not have the duty to but still stayed and listen to me! So thanks a lot! 😀

Just another reminder to myself! AVOID people who bring you down! Do not let other people bring you down because you are certainly worth more than what they think you are! 😀


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another ride home~~

yeah yeah today i got a free ride home again~~ well, its not that i m tired or what! its raining what! hehe..but if its not, i can assure u i will be walking back to the hostel! i am not one who would always wanna trouble people to give me rides! 😀 but i got to know two more seniors who obviously love me..CC! no lah…its Cyber Cafe…haha..they Dota! OMG! Dota man! so offence..but great to know you two Max and Eric! 😀

and on the trip back, just knew that even guys have problems with “attitude”..not only haha..the world is fairrrrr XD

today’s classes were..erm..not too bad! hehe went to Sunway University College with Yumni during lunch…nice baoz they have over there 😀 got lecture notes photocopied already.. checked prices of book and all..but haven got around to buying books ==” but i sure found out one thing! EMO bookstore is the same as the book store found in Monash University!!! haha..i did not know about that!

its jeans were wet! ==” while walking back to University..met Isaac and Nico..they are two funny guys again..degrading me by saying i don’t know Chinese! hey i am a Chinese k? i do NOT care if u heard my English and said you do not think i am a Chinese or what so ever… i do not care what you say about Brunei being a Muslim Monarchy. I do not care you saw me always hanging out with what she wears tudung and is a Muslim? Is there laws saying we cannot be friends if we have different religion????

well…they said that its of higher possibility that I am a Muslim Malay since I hang out with Yumni! haha if i am, i m not “alim” one! haha

got to class right in time..doing Excel..what the heck?! excel? that was what we do in Lower Secondary! ==”

yeah then i found out its different..its new type of Microsoft Excel…things changed! regret having being so sarcastic! haha.. but Kevin, Yumni and I got them done earlier so we left earlier…well, i was the slowest among them! ==”

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My first ever lab coat~~ Wheeee~~

Haha today i planned to go to get my lab coat with Yumni together…but..we fooled too muchhhhh haha..yeah along with Yen Ming and Suh Ming…

They are two great Malaysian NOT all Malaysian girls are bitchy la..hehe XD Had so much fun with them eventhough its just a few minutes..

remember the computer screen turning upside down????? wakakaka….XD

did not get to go with Yumni to get my lab coat! her bro drop me back to hostel after so much of our fooling! 😀 as i said earlier..her bro is extra extra nice..i so wish i have an elder bro..and if i have, i want someone like him! 😀 hehe.. so we plan to go get the coat tomorrow together! 😀

so i got back and was relaxing but suddenly felt like buying some food from the People’s Store and get some water from the water machine…i met Jacki (very nice Australian lady in her early 20’s) in the elevator. Pure coincidence..and i ended up going to Sunway University College with her as she wanted to pay the hostel rent. Since I was already there, i figured i can just get my lab coat simultaneously.. 😀

Met another Australian guy when i was walking back to the hostel with Jacki…honestly, i forgot his name..*sorry* chat for awhile..

all that while, i forgot i haven’t got my water! lol…so i went to get it while Jacki went up first. Honestly..i dunno what is the point of writing this post..i wanted to show off my first lab coat only but i end up talking about my trip there and boring *yawn* haha XD

But Jacki planned to go to Genting Highland..but I am so sorry Jacki..just remembered I have the Orientation Bash..i signed up and paid already!!! ==” and promised to go along with some friends! Sorry *very sincerely*

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I want to believe I have control over my life!

Yeah i want to desperately know that i am capable of controlling my emotions..she is just someone whom i met less than two weeks could she affect me so much? i hate that kind of feeling and this is the second time she did it to me! i hate it a lot! i believe i am more capable of controlling myself but sometimes emotions get out of control. its not as easy as you wanna believe..==”

I don’t know..but i certainly know that i m not angry at her or what so ever..i m just very sad and disappointed at her! I do not think i did something wrong against her. She felt left out? well, i m just trying to be friendly to all the people i meet…:D being nice is a virtue

this is really the time to socialise what! anyone can at any point of their uni life drop out or change uni or do a transfer program or exchange program or whatever…so its good to get to know them a lil better earlier..and now we are in uni and the people we meet everyday tend to be more than in previous school/college! so…its harder to get to know everyone…as in like NOT just knowing their faces and names..for now, i can only recognise lots of faces..but i aim to know them faces–> names–> course they are enrolled in–> country they come from and other interesting things related to them!

well, i might be thinking a lot but does not hurt me what?! i m just trying to be friendly..if u dun like my way, just ignore me…but do NOT ever put your frustration or what so ever ill-feelings like that towards me. you have the rights to have your own group of friends too…you can also get to know more people..just don’t ever tell me to STOP being nice..

I don’t care you are guy or gal, gay or lesbian, old or young, whatever race or religion..if u r friendly, i can be your friend! 😀 But never ever try to get angry at me for NO REASON or for SOMETHING ILLOGICAL! *thank you!* if you ever do that to me..i will still be nice to worries..cause i believe being nice to those who hurt you is the best revenge ever..

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KL Guys are real nice~~

Yeah honestly…this is my own opinion, i actually find the guys here more friendlier than the girls..

U know what? I am not even under the pretty group, so why the girls give me those “cool” look *i know bitchy is kinda serious to use so i prevented it!*??? If i am even a bit near to pretty, i don;t mind they all giving me that look! ==” hehe

But i do not mean ALL girls k? just certain onesssss… Till now i have been acquainted with both sexes of KL-ites! 😀 Today made another three guys KL friends! they are cool and nice…walked around those buildings with me and Yumni to get things sorted. Special thanks to Wandai and Kevin! 😀 Daryl is a nice gentleman too! 😀 and we all doing Biotech..they are my mates for the next three yearsssss…that is if none of us will do the transfers/exchange program! 😀 *good good*

And hey..i got my allocation + sorted out finally! There were so many clashes in my time table..i have to go meet with three lecturers out of my four lecturers to get it sorted out! ==” but at least its sorted out! hip hip hoorayyyyy! 😀

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What the heck???!!!!! My lovely purple bathing glove!

“Help me help me..get me out of this smelly black hole!”

yeah i dropped it accidentally into that *ewww* drain hole.. i did not bother picking it up. firstly, its obviously too dirty to use even if i got it back..secondly, its too deep into the hole. thirdly, its so disgusting to even try and make an effort to dig it out! ==”

sighhhh…what a bad luck! guess i shall make do with the other glove until its destiny is the same as its mate! ==” maybe i should get a new one soon! 😀

and yeah my allocate + still does not work! its supposed to work yesterday! what the heck?! they lied to me! >/

hate liars and those promise breakers *promises are not meant to be broken! ok? i repeat..NOT meant to be broken!*

well, i dun hate u those people la..just cannot stand them! ==”

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First Day of Uni!


yeah I was pretty excited about Uni…until..well, read on and you will know

hey! A good news is our lessons do not actually starts till the second week! 😛

i woke up and prepared myself hastily…threw the buns i bought yesterday to University *i was then typing school..i MUST change it to Uni* but din get to eat it till 11.30am?

i went there and the first thing i did was to go to the Course Manager…i was so disappointed to find out that they haven got my double degree changed to single degree! 😦 they suggested i draw out a plan of the timetables to see if my classes clash or not..Just that i cannot fit in BIO1011 Tutorial..others were ok…

Another thing bugging me is that I took Psychology as my elective…but the availability for lecture is ZERO…:S sigggghhhhhh..

anyway how i jsut go to the class after doing the self-drawn timetable…its was PSY Tute..kinda nice and not boring…i had always thought Psychology would be a nice subject! 😀

the lecturer went on and on even after the time so it was like half an hour longer than the allocated time..but its ok..i felt its interesting..

So when i got down, i went to the library again to see whether my Allocate+ system is ready…disappointment! 😦

i was then looking for the lecture hall for the nex class…could not find it..but i met this cute Business School senior..he showed me the way 😀 i nearly dozed off in the lecture…it was just some its..ermmm..haha..nothing new but something informative..but i was just too tired~ ==”

once its off…i went to the Course Manager there again..and zilch! nothing positive for i asked her to call me when its ready!

I walked back under the big bright sun! haven even chilled myself, my mobile rang! I need to go back to Uni to fill in another Enrolment Form! THEY LOST MINE! can you believe it????? grrrrr

so i just went back under the hot hot sun and got the form filled and came backkkkk….==”

but then tonight was a nice one..i met Ariesta’s mom again..she is really a nice mother….i love her! she is so patient with explaining and most importantly, does not find me irritating! 😀

my room mate and unit mates are probably thinking why i am so kay-pohhhh.. haha *well, friendly is how they put it..:P*

anyway, Ariesta’s mom brought me and Anis together along with Ariesta of course to Esquire Kitchen..this is my second time going there. i love the food there! 😀 its very delicious! 😀 we went up her hotel room and have a look at the fantastic views and got back to hostel at about 9.30pm…with my tummy realllll round..hehe 😛


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