MUISS KL Trip! 23.02.08

seriously…those who did not go to this trip must be regretting! well, just for those who are concerned! hehe 😛

we had a morning start but many were late…it was supposed to be starting at 8am but then we actually got into the bus fifteen minutes after..lots were missing too i guess..maybe they have to pay for the trip so they back out..yeah many like to have free trips and all..

but honestly, some kind of fun cannot be measured by just money…if you get what i mean..not to say that if this trip cost me 1k, i would go and all..but its just a less than RM100 trip which allows you to know how to get around..get to know more new people *in a more than superficial way!*..have some really good fun!

anyway, we took Bus 66 to Subang Jaya KTM, opposite to it is Carrefour..i will make sure I make at least one trip there! 😛 the bus only cost RM0.80! so cheap yeah?! then taking the Monorail, RM1.60…
..we got to KL Central.

Had our brekkie there in McD..

then walked the KL Sentral a bit..

and walked again…

to the Pasar Seni (LRT station) and bought a ticket to Maharajalela (RM1.60)..
when we got down, we easily got to the Petaling Street, which is the China Town! Not very lively but then there are lots of *ahem* people *cough* who keep on thinking that is their grandfather street *cough cough*, so got honked but its not a big deal what?! i saw everyone also jalan sana, so i just walk la..who knows also have cars, lorry etc using ohhhh??? nah this guy also like just walk along the street like the street is his mahhhh…
was chit chatting at a fixed point in the China Town rather than shopping cause what I saw did not really interest me! ==” after an hour or so there, we walked some distance and saw lots of stalls but not very lively. We soon come to an indoor market called Central Market..
this pretty lady here is my group leader for this trip! She is extra extra nice…:D
this guy here is very naughty and cute! he is so funny laaaa..:P
Right at the other end, outside the market, there is an Art Gallery, i did not go and have a look…:P after that, we walked a lil more to taxi area. Bargained for a reasonable taxi fare but failed so we walked some more to the station and bought another ticket which is also RM1.60 to go to KLCC..the station is not that far its quite ok la to walk to the station.
and here in the train itself you cannot eat..different form the ones in Paris..i eat and drink as i wish when i was in Paris Metro 😛

When we got down in KLCC the first thing was food..we din even shop la..hehe..went to food court there and ate in Kyros Kebab! Anyone recall Kyros Kebab in Brunei? it opened then not long after bankrupt one le! ==” now replaced by BIBD in The Mall there?

Finished my food so sat around and chit chat..
then we walked out to take nice big group pics! quite fun honestly! 😀
then take more pics…
there are so many pics i took that i am lazy to upload here…check out my Facebook then you can find it lo…*maybe* haha 😛 we then went to Bukit Bintang..shopped in Nose *no compatibility with the shoes*..shopped in some other shops *no result too!*..went to The Body Shop to look around…they sure have many out-dated things. Like the Limited editions one, i think they are not supposed to sell anymore, but they are all still on the rack..the new ones have not actually come in for the shower gels, etc…

the product advisor there is so not professional! ==” she was too eager to make sales and told us that the pencil type concealer and the cream type concealer can be used for under eye area! trying to fool me? i was trained too k? hmph! >| i told her indirectly that i worked for The Body Shop too! well, used to! 😛 *end up not buying..i don’t even plan to buy la! :P*

but soemthing came out with a result! 😀 i am sensual *roll eyes* haha 😛 its Love Test, seeing how passionate you are. i scored 30 only which is *sensual* that was for RM0.20..hehe

After that, we walked to Low Yat Plaza but i did not go in..walked further and we were supposed to go to Berjaya Times Square..but Yaseen lead us walked a big circle before reaching there! haha..but its ok for me..but they all argued about it! ==” *why you follow me then?* *you could have bring your own team and walked the correct way* *i just don’t want you to get lost yourself* etc… hahaha 😛
anyway how, we got there safely..
they tried to bargain for a good price for us..but end up its the same RM30 for adults..we got a strip with a barcode printed on it round our wrist..

when we go in, we scan the barcode, so likewise, when we come out, the barcode is in use again!
Played the roller coaster thrice, first ride with her..
second ride with hannah..
teh third ride and also my last one for the day..with a total stranger..hehe i was so tired by then and did not take the pic already…

both bumper cars and the 360 degree spinning thingy twice..then enjoyed other rides too..:D had a full 2 and a half hours of fun! *whooppeeeeee* what i love most was the DNA Mixer…
*well all their rides have the Galactic Names haha*

everyone was so tired in the end of the day..but not as tired as him..hehe 😛
After all that, we used the taxi to Asia Cafe..shared the fares together and paid only RM6 per person! 😀 Had a carbonara there with ice blended soursop! its nice! 😀 but in the end i was still very very the tired..went home with Ayu, Dona and Jason..shared a cab too and its only RM2 per person! great eh going out with everyone! all price reduce so much! hehe

must say it was a great day out though end up so dog-tired! 😛


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