My first ever lab coat~~ Wheeee~~

Haha today i planned to go to get my lab coat with Yumni together…but..we fooled too muchhhhh haha..yeah along with Yen Ming and Suh Ming…

They are two great Malaysian NOT all Malaysian girls are bitchy la..hehe XD Had so much fun with them eventhough its just a few minutes..

remember the computer screen turning upside down????? wakakaka….XD

did not get to go with Yumni to get my lab coat! her bro drop me back to hostel after so much of our fooling! 😀 as i said earlier..her bro is extra extra nice..i so wish i have an elder bro..and if i have, i want someone like him! 😀 hehe.. so we plan to go get the coat tomorrow together! 😀

so i got back and was relaxing but suddenly felt like buying some food from the People’s Store and get some water from the water machine…i met Jacki (very nice Australian lady in her early 20’s) in the elevator. Pure coincidence..and i ended up going to Sunway University College with her as she wanted to pay the hostel rent. Since I was already there, i figured i can just get my lab coat simultaneously.. 😀

Met another Australian guy when i was walking back to the hostel with Jacki…honestly, i forgot his name..*sorry* chat for awhile..

all that while, i forgot i haven’t got my water! lol…so i went to get it while Jacki went up first. Honestly..i dunno what is the point of writing this post..i wanted to show off my first lab coat only but i end up talking about my trip there and boring *yawn* haha XD

But Jacki planned to go to Genting Highland..but I am so sorry Jacki..just remembered I have the Orientation Bash..i signed up and paid already!!! ==” and promised to go along with some friends! Sorry *very sincerely*


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