Orientation Bash 01.03.2008

*i do NOT have much pictures of the orientation bash because we were meant to get wet. so i did not risk taking my phone along. actually i should have! sighhh but nevermind..maybe i can get them from some other people?*

Slept early last night but before i sleep..so many people wanna chat! ==” but its ok since they are not UN-important people. They are people who I wish to chat with rather than those whom i cannot find topic with! Yeah Orange i mean you too 😀 *Studying in NTU more pressure yeah i think? haha*

Anyway, i considered myself well-slept and woke up at 7am..:D prepared well and was planning to walk to uni!

i started out dry and fresh!

who knows???? It suddenly started raining! darn! But i was early over there and the thing was supposed to start at 8.20am..who knows it only officially got going at about 9.30am??? i am not sure..i thought i was going to get wet and all those so i did not use my precious watch! *i still cannot find the skinny wrist in metal for my swatch..even in their official dealer there! ==” *

we were divided into groups! i was in group 10 together with Jacki, JQ, Caroline, Amanda, Jasmin, KH, Jeff. Our buddy is Triston! He is a Malaysian man! but he surely does not look like! ==” i even made him show me his IC haha 😛 but turn out he is a rojak! Mix scot, welsh, sri lankan, etc..

we got changed first. then we have to do the warm up exercise! So lame la..its the same as the one that we did when we have PE lessons! hehe 😛 we played the first game in Plenary Theater. We were supposed to use our bodies to form a shape of something. we can even form into words or something..just use our creativity…first one is making a tripod. then the titanic. ==” haha

moved on to Building 5, 4th floor. We have charade there. Yeah our one was “Playing basketball with the tallest guy” yeah we did not get it right hehe! but its kinda fun! but lots of cheating too…:P

then moved to ground floor..we use a spoon to get the ping pong balls to the other side and place them into a black bag. but on the way there, we get hit by water balloons and also having pails and pails of water splashed over us. Most got wet, but i DID NOT haha 😛 but i was cheating…well, our group was cheating…we used chewing gums to stick the ping pong ball to the spoon haha 😛 and our group did not do real well, cause we have only a few members! ==”

after that they have a real water fight even with the ping pong balls too..i did not join haha 😛 soon after cleaning up the mess they made, we went for lunch. its chicken rice and water. well, of course the chicken rice is not that yummy but then..its ok la since its free haha 😛

after a lil rest, we all need to start our “treasure hunt”. well, its not exactly treasure hunt cause we did not go and find treasure. its more like amazing race! haha..the winning group gets RM500..well, just to make it clear early, i did NOT win yeah! lol we are supposed to get three clues in Monash Uni itself then another three in Sunway Lagoon.

The first one was having a group member eat fried dumplings to get something out of it. I do not know what it was but that can be exchanged for our first clue. We were well on our way to second clue but then we lost Triston, Jacki and JQ..so we did not get through it! ==” eventhough we found the clue man TWICE! *shakes head* but we were clever enough to just skip the second one and go on to find Triston, Jacki and JQ..when we got them, we just jumped to the third one! lolX but here is where my nightmare starts.

in the third round, we were given two options. A and B…we chosed A..which is to drink a bottle of juice! its white radish juice which they claim is good for health. good detox! but u try drinking it! OMG..we all have bad breathe for the whole afternoon! ==” we went to get our belongings in MUSA lounge and got soem candies in the Monash University Bookstore…

got a Uni van to bring us to Sunway lagoon…the fourth clue is there.

this is the entrance…

you can buy the tickets from all these counters..we did not need to because its FREE yeah! jealous?! haha XP
we had to do a roller coaster ride to count the number of fake cactus. Erm..the ride fades if compared to the Berjaya Times Square one! I did that one three times and had so much fun! but this one..erm..i m immune to it! lol XP

we got the answer wrong..we had two options again! one is re-do the kiddy ride and the other is to do the punishment! so we did the punishment one. had to act out a skit. well, one of us is the pretty girl. the others are like stunned to see her and knocked into a wall..*and remember, when u knock into the wall, you must fall down! haha* then stand up, go get her number!

yeah we did it..and went through that round. got another clue to find MUISS president. there we have two options again. Either we do the Tomahawk or the Pirate Ship. Triston chosed Pirate Ship and we have to all go on it. But two get to leave behind. why??? well, we will be asked to sing a secret song and the other two have to guess what we sing! *well, we cheat again…i passed the answer on to Triston. Then just right before the ride start, i passed it on to the two standing outside haha*

But there is this girl, her name is Caroline or what? *sorry i still could not get your name into my head. but i do remember Amanda though!* she sat beside me during the Pirate ride..she was already screaming before she queues up..and she scream, cried, screamed more…sobbed more.screamed again..throughout the ride and after the ride. we got so many people staring! *paiseh*

honestly, i would have love the ride more if she had not been screaming. honestly, the ride is not scary at all. i had my eyes OPEN through out the ride! 😀 maybe i had too much roller coaster and DNA Mixer in the Berjaya Time Square Theme Park! hehe 😛

then we moved on to find MUSA president. walked so long to get him. we were asked to go into the middle of the water area *yeah we were all soaked wet inside out, bottom to top! haha* but its all fun! 😀

the guy behind me is JQ..he is a Singaporean

We had to like get seven people to line up and open up our legs. a guy will swim through us to and fro. its kinda quick. i was heading back towards the shore..well, almost there and was called back again! ==” they say that did NOT count! WTF?! then we were preparing to do it once again…but the people cleared the area because they wanna generate waves for surfing. So..yeah we were saved by tsunami! haha *exaggerating*

Moved back to shore again..by that time my legs hurt but its loads of fun! 😀 who said Sunway Lagoon is boring?! well it IS boring if you compared it to the theme park and Disneyland..but “its the company that makes it fun” *i quoted Su-Lyn! i acknowledged it. i am not plagiarising! haha*

We got the last clue and head to a cafe *god knows what name..* well, i admit la! i forgot the name! hehe XD

There was the prize presentations and all..but i did not bother to listen. Cause i know we are not winning! After all that, exchanged some phone numbers. Met up with Yumni.

Got a drink.
I got a fresh orange juice! WTH?! its like some orange pulp with orange syrup! and loads of sugarrrrrr sighhhh regret having it but i was thirsty!!!

then we went to change. the toilet is so run down! OMG! *shocked look*
the toilet i am in can’t even be properly locked but since i was already changing half way..i did not bother to change cubicle!

my wet shirt and pants..as if they were just washed but totally not spin dried! haha

I looked so much better after changing! So does Yumni…
We walked to find the exit…but went to see the tigers..while in the lagoon, i passed that place so many times but did not notice there are two tigers!!! my first time seeing tigerssss hehe

Then Yumni lead me out to the exit! I was totally disorientated and could not even see the “exit” sign even though its right in front of me..and printed so big even! *paiseh*

We went out and then I just got to know we were supposed to meet up with her sister! I thought we were just going to Sunway Pyramid, which is just opposite to the lagoon ourselves…hehe

but ots good we met with her sis and have so much fun..well, even though we just makan in Mr Teppanyaki only…
We eat half way then Hakim came and join us back again…we were like so noisy laaa…haha
and it was Hakim’s treat! so nice of him..meet first time nia and he belanja..*paiseh*

i had a bento set…
which comes together with Japanese green tea…

its scalding hot! should have asked for ice!!!

and Miso soup…

they use dried tofu for the soup..not fresh tofu?! WTH?!

and california roll…

very yummy indeed *reminds me of Yumni hehe*

Overall, i do not think i will recommend others to eat there la..:P but it was fun eating there..had so much fun talking to Faezah (Yumni’s sister) and Da Som (Faezah BFF and she is Korean! :D) got pictures taken! 😀
and before leaving i even harassed the waiter to take pics for us! lolXxx
I had to keep apologising cause of the commotions we made..well, that was when the orders were being made.

Then bought some credit myself since we *coincidentally* got to the booth. we went grocery shopping after that..just me and Yumni. the other three went away playing themselves haha…well i just planned to get a lil stuff..but turned out we got so much more..by that..i really mean it! ==” but i got a black felt jacket and a shirt at a bargain price! 😀

By the time we finished, we got handfuls of stuff..the others were in Starbucks waiting for us…they were chilling! 😀

Encik Rashid reached right away! and they were kind enough to get me back to hostel. All of us girls went except Hakim who planned to use the taxi to go back i think?! Before i get down the car, i was like commenting to Encik Rashid, four girls really make a fish market right? well, i did not exactly put it that way, but that was what i meant! 😛

Yeah its the best day! yeah good to know more people! 😀 its actually a highlight of the day for me even though its not in the Orientation Bash schedule! 😀 Thanks for the great dinner people! 😀


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