For Kevin

Kevin had a leak this morning so he missed SCI1020 lecture and was late for the tutorial. 😦
He is experiencing PMS. *in my opinion as he denies it* He was in a terrible mood today as it was a real bad start. As girls, you should know that when you have a leak early in the morning causing you to miss classes and late for some other classes, you know you are going to be a sore bear for the whole day, right? Well, not me though…OK OK i admit, sometimes i will. But mostly i am ok! 😀

So I decided to post up some pictures of crazy happy normal Kevin!
Him and his “blow torch”…Quoting him “I love anything sharp and fire”
Me to Yumni: “Next time during his birthday, we should get him boxes of match sticks”
By then i was laughing like crazy while muttering those words out! haha
I think Kevin regretted saying that after Yumni told him we are going to get him match sticks only..haha 😛
Yumni and I was so afraid he is one of those “terrorist” university students! haha..but then he claim that to be an air-conditioner unit! You trust him?! *what a joker*He requested me to take this picture with him holding his sausage bun???
He play his PSP with lab coat on! He is so crazy…*i am deeply sorry for being so noisy in the quiet area of the library. I put all the blame shamelessly on Kevin!*
He is playing with his “terrorist” weapon in a lab coat! he is such a joker man!
And you see the childish sock her wears? lolXxxx

Get back to being normal…does hormone replacement therapy also works on PMS?*this is what we did in SCI1020* if yes, maybe Kevin should go and have it so we can have the normal him back..though it very annoying ==”


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