I still LOVE uni! :D

Had fun in the second Bio lab! 😀

It has been so long ever since i touched a slide! ==”

Well, in that mini-slide we prepared, there is something moving around here and there..its..erm..cute according to many? lolXxx is paramecium ==”

Kevin being all professional..

Amateurs *like me* acts to be though..

Notice Suh Ming and Yen Ming there? The guy with his back facing my camera is Daryl.

Suh Ming and Yen Ming in another lab! and they lab-hopped! I thought they only blog-hop! who knows hopping is their favourite activity *after effect of brinjal* haha XP

Yen Ming, Suh Ming, Yumni

We met for lunch in cafeteria..well i actually rushed back to hostel to get my laptop. Got virus!!! 😦

Yen Ming, Suh Ming, Me and Yumni

this two are new guys i know then..apparently one is Mr Brainy..so i know who to turn to when i am in doubt! But i still do not understand why he said i look pro! why?! WHY?!

Shane and Joshua *sorry if i get you two wrong again*

As girls, you know how much we love cam-whoring 😀

Yen Ming, Suh Ming, Me

In lecture time, lots of fun too..good fun! Us chilling before Dr Emily came…

*Me, Yumni,Rocky, Arvind, Eric-ka, Kevin* going anti-clockwise from me

Fifi’s birthday was on that day apparently..and i was so annoying as she will come to agree..but it was good fun “publicizing” her birthday! XP
Once again..happy birthday! 😀


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