What Horror-ness *shivers*

What ever you all think..just keep in mind that I had been running away from horror movies all the time..except for the comedy type! ==”

AND guess what?! today is the FIRST time ever i go to cinema here in Malaysia. AND guess what?! I WATCHED SHUTTER!

With student card, each tix is RM8, but Yum forgot her card so she paid RM10 but honestly, this is like cheap for Brunei rate i think

Well, many might think its not THAT scary..but it is to me at least! ==”

Hamdi, Nick and Dennis
So sorry Yum for pinching your arms so hard! But I was so scared! XDYo! YO!

but its a nice experience. Its been a long long time ever since I went for a movie šŸ˜€ I do not know since when, I do not watch movies anymore unless its in cinema. So i am very out-dated about movies. I enjoy watching a lot but only if its in cinema. XD

Well, how come I was at the movies ah??? Wasting money again instead of studying??? Hmmm…well, i was studying and was like there at 9.05am *sorry for the five minutes late!*

We were…erm..diligent(?!) and did our project…ate lunch in cafeteria…and suddenly Nick says, “Movie”

After some discussion, Yum and I went to hand in our works and off we go! It was a great time šŸ˜€ So, Yumni, Hamdi, Nick, Dennis and I just set offs in Nick’s car in his “egoistical” driving…

Nick, Hamdi, CC, Dennis

Constant cam-whoring too…

“The phone block our face lahhh!” “Oh yeah oh! hehe”

Thanks peeps for the nice time! šŸ˜€

*No! i did not lose my respect for Hamdi la. I still think he makes a great brother šŸ˜€ but please..practise self-control! haha*


Update (11.50pm) :
Fell asleep while waiting for the pictures to be uploaded
Haven’t eat
Can feel the gastric
Tired still
Allergy on left leg is better without medicine
Body still aches and so does the bump on my head!
Have to wake up at 8am tomorrow but doubt that i can sleep back again till 8am tomorrow! ==”


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