Lappie’s Healthy :D

Hmm..was actually expecting Hakim at about 10am. Turned out he came TWO hours late…and together with Amzar. Can’t exactly say that he is late though i guess since he is helping me out of goodwill. *He blamed it on Amzar though lol*

To cut the silliness of getting a taxi short, we just walked to Monash Condo and i changed before getting a taxi to go to Sunway Pyramid! *the heat was killing me so a change was good!*Got to Starbucks, planned to do my BIO1011 Lab Report but failed highly. Blames on:
(1) My short attention span
(2) The smell of coffee beans make me heavy-headed
(3) Very delighted that my lappie is healthy *again* THANKS Hakim! 😀

So i started reading my story books. *poof* James the journalist came into the scene and started to chat Hakim up. *boring stuff* i moved my stuff to sit with Amzar at another table.

We were actually together but because the power socket was occupied by me, he went to another table. I joined him there and we chat through internet even though we sat opposite one another…AND he wanted to “share” some story with me. Here it goes..

Amzar Marzuki says (4:42 PM):

its just that u remind me of her…
Amzar Marzuki says (4:42 PM):

and i wanted to share…

and it started by him telling me he wanted to share a story and ended just like that! The story he shared was just.. no story at all! *talking of complex minds*

And then shared some crap with me on “suggestology” ==”

Anyway, a friend of theirs joined later at around 5pm. Haider… a fellow Pakistani.

We went to search some food..well, its Haider. Bread story. NO result. Fresh Fruits. Yes.

Went on to stand around the skating rink which is under renovation?! *Guys are boring*But not long after, we start to budge and went to some other places. JCo to get two dozen donuts. *Sorry Amzar, i am not into donuts. Chat with me sometime and I will tell you about it! :P* Subway to get take away sandwiches while i.. went to Yogur Berry to get a drink!

Trying to find something like KokoBerry but haven’t. You should try the bubble milk tea in Monash Cafeteria *yucky!*

Anyway, went back to Subway…hang out with the three; one skinny Pakistani, one quiet Bruneian, an Indonesian pervert.

NO smiles?!

Hell lot of laughing! ==”

Overall, its nice going out with Hakim and Amzar though nothing productive was done! haha..

Learned three things about guys:
(1) crazy yet funny
(2) perverted yet kind
(3) boring yet fun

Just so grateful to Hakim for helping me with the laptop.*speechless and touched* Thanks a lot Hakim! 😀 Thanks to Amzar for carrying my bag all along~*its so heavy lah~~*
AND yeah, i assume both of them are single and available. Anyone can ask me for details and I will be happy to help. I can share their e-mail addresses and maybe phone numbers too. 😀
m,25,graduated*soon la*,funny,perverted,eyes tend to stray

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