Sunway Pyramid is my new home

I have been visiting Sunway Pyramid a bit too much..lolXxx..its seriously becoming my home ==”

Planned to really start on my assignment. I have been procrastinating since last it NOT great?! So i went out at about 4pm? With Bee Fong and her sister.

First stop: Parkson. There are some kind of sales and also vouchers-related thingy. On the way to Parkson, saw a guy being pushed around by two securities. Maybe he stole something? *Bee Fong’s guess*Bee Fong’s sis went to try some sexy lingerie…and back to normal us, cam-whoring! lolXxxx

*Wondering why is there seats in the fitting rooms. Treat for their boyfriends?*

On the way to Kimgary, saw these money depositing machines. Brunei has them too and i use them often, play play with it since I have nothing better to do mah~~ But it looks different here 😀SULYN!! YES I WENT TO KIMGARY! 😀 Taking order this way is new to me too! Sakae, its computerised. Here its by filling a form. Just like when you have a survey to do?! Foods~~

Bee Fong’s sis one. Something with curry.

Mine looks the best right? Its seafood! WITH UNAGI~~ yummmm

It comes with a drink and a soup.

Its been so long I did not drink iced horlick.
Borsch soup is just so yummy~~

Being a student really is good. We get 15% discount deal 😀 even for a-la-carte 😀

Went to do more shopping then met with these bunch of sexy, stick-thin, pretty femmes…introducing beauty stuff…*yawn*One of their hives were asking me in Mandarin *I pretended that i do not understand. Just like that day when there was this girl who wanted to talk to me about some volunteers thingy. i told her i am a tourist. Apparently, it does not work as it did in Paris. I had to be mean and tell her I AM NOT INTERESTED*

But the promoter did not stop, she started with Cantonese. *I insist not to respond with interest* Finally, she used her broken English as i would with my French. I told her i am feeling great! i do not need your facials or slimming products. Well, i do not mind to do some jogging hehe 😛

And she ended up asking me whether i am a student or not and back away when she saw me taking this picture…
More shopping *again*. AND grocery shopping! HONESTLY, I LOVE GROCERY SHOPPING YET HATE IT TOO AT THE SAME TIME! ==” Spending money on those god-knows-when-can-finish-consuming-stuff!
Honestly, I am NOT the typical-girl-loves-shopping. Just that i suck at grocery shopping buying things i just do not know why! Maybe i am always preparing for the imaginary war/draught ==”


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