Reports after reports…I didn’t KNOW uni life is this fun! =="

Solar Taxi *or was it Taxi Solar?* was in Monash Sunway Campus. Well, i think u can just google it yourself and see what is it lah~~Just saw the lecturers/admin peeps in Monash going crazy wanting to sit in it and have a ride..maybe i would too had i have enough sleep! ==”

Had a visitor today…to Monash…
She is camera shy! *and I will be a saint!* lolXxx

She did not dare to show her face cause she…
Yeah she littered in our LIBRARY!!! haha 😛

Yeah and today I dozed off in both the lectures!

Let’s do some Maths,

One year = two semesters

One semester = 14 weeks of classes

One week of classes = 22 hours of lectures/tutorials/lab sessions/workshops

So RM16,870 + RM 4,880 + RM5,000 + RM2,000 = RM28,750 per semester *these numbers are meant for me to understand only*

As an international students, you have to pay these and those craps…so let us round it off to about RM30,000 per semester.

One hour of lecture = RM1,400

Today I wasted 4 x RM1,400!

Its a whooping RM5,600 that i wasted!
That just sound so great…get back to CHEMISTRY REPORT! ==”

I still love university ok??? Just today so tired only ok???

But I will love university more if the lucky draw tomorrow announced that I win the LAPTOP? or maybe even just one of these?


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