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Rest In Peace Mr. Angel!

He is my second best loved uncle.
Caring. Fun-loving. Funny. Generous. Altruistic.

Its a sad news I received just now.

My tears wet my cheeks for him.

It is a surge of sad emotion to hear sad news.

Thinking further, those should be happy tears for he is now set free from those endless pain.

As what my dear brother said, God wants another angel.

Uncle David, rest in peace.

You will always be missed!


Sulyn is my room mate.She is the pretty hot girl sleeping with me every night. ENVY me!

She is the one who always know when I am going to finish my shower and purposely splash water at me while I am changing clothes.

She is the one who always purposely ask me to help her get her something she forgotten while she is showering and when i got there, splash me with water!

She is the one who always made me thought the door was spoilt and I need to go down to get help to open the door.


She was is the one who always listened and cheered me up…with her darling bear..its a “HE” by the way! Thanks! 😀


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Lee "Sniffy" Ming

Had psychology lab today! THREE hours!!! ==”

First two hours was damn bored! But the last one was an interesting one! We get to train a virtual rat!!!AND we are supposed to save the rat. I named mine as Lee “Sniffy” Ming..

Well, WHY? Cause yesterday he asked me about this! lol *Just being random!*

Lee “Sniffy” Ming is doing well! GOOD JOB! Later belanja you eat some cheese!

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Genting Highlands

Was really spontaneous. I just came back from the carnival. Checking my emails and replying them. Sudden knock on my door..

Bee Fong: “Go to Genting!”
Me: “Now? Yiippppeeeee!!”
Bee Fong: “My friend will join you all” *Bee Fong was on the phone still while asking me; she was talking to her sister, wanting me to go with them only and she will not join!*
Me: protesting “NO! if you go then I go!”
Bee Fong:”…”
Me: “I do NOT care..You go, I go!”
Bee Fong: “OK!”

I was so excited so I quickly grab my sweater and went down to poolside to find Shane. He has got my mobile phone. When I got there, he was with Ying Xuan and Tee Yee, preparing to leave. Hmm…they were celebrating someone’s birthday. Its so..errr…quick?! lol

Anyway how, Vivian’s boyfriend had not reached then so I plan to walk with Shane to his apartment. Can have a look at the art gallery! But such a disappointment, cause its closed! geez…But i got to talk to Shane. He is a nice person to talk to anytime. As long as he is not “pek chek”! For those who do not know what it is, it means frustrated. haha 😛 *Really, thank you!* After talking to him, I felt lighter…its a nice feeling! 😀
At about 10.45pm, we started to go to Genting Highlands. Reached only at 12.05am cause Neil went to change from Vivian’s car to his car and had to go check his tyre pressure etc..Seriously, I NEVER in my whole life see my family done this before!!! Now i know, for a normal sedan, its 220atm? or should it be kPa? then the front tyres should have slightly higher pressure than the tyres behind.It was a nice trip there except for the car sickness. Well, i usually only get motion sickness when i am reading or messaging in car/boat. It felt terrible but once i got there, i was much better! 😀 And through out the trip up the mountain, i keep on having “pop” sounds in my ears. Just like when i am in the airplane, changing altitude!!!
This was the second time i go to Genting Highlands! The first time was when I was five! who would remember anything?! They all went to the toilet first before going anywhere. The trip there was meant to be short. Just to “yumcha”. Yeah typical Malaysians do that I heard! Since Neil was taking so long just to take a leak, I decided to wander off but Bee Fong accompanied me. We walked around and there were took some pictures. So many ATMs..guess the people really will be broke once they step inside the casino!~But four out of five of them are “Out of Service”! lol~I checked and made sure that I would be able to play the games *i am not THAT short afterall! :P*See something familiar and related to myself! I am a Hainanese!!! teehee~~I was hungry at some point. Just realised I did not have a proper dinner! Went to eat at Marry Brown.

Actually, we planned to go Starbucks for a drink. Since we decided upon Marry Brown, we did not care so much, just left Vivian and Neil in Starbucks haha. Anyway, i do not take coffee! haha 😛 When we finished Marry Brown, we went to Starbucks and sat a while. Not long after, went see night views 😀 Not really breathe taking but still i love it. The temperature reminds me of Paris!

Malaysia’s very own Eiffel “Genting” Tower.

After some lingering moments there, we decided to go back since its late and everyone is just dog tired! So, off we go! I rolled down the window to let the fresh air in. Feel the wind and its coldness. Its superb until I choked! The air is seriously polluted before i had an affair with the clouds for a good fifteen minutes. i choked on the polluted air! can know how polluted the air is!

After awhile, it was so foggy! Thought its fog but after asking Neil, it was actually cloud. i rolled down the window again! Extended my hand out to feel it. When you put your hands out, you can feel the mist! COOL! Even the windscreen had a thin layer of mist! Neil used his car wipers and there was really some droplets being wiped away! i was lucky cos they say they have been up the mountain so many times but that was the first time its so foggy cloudy! 😀

We started to come back at 1.35am and reached at 2.20am. Yeah he was speeding! But i love it. I think i am used to 140km/hr already back in Brunei! So i slept a little on the journey back! they were surprised that I did sleep! lol

anyway, it was a great night! 😀 Thanks so much! 😀

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Monash Street Carnival 12pm till 12am

Went to the carnival!! 😀 well, we all plan to go at 5pm.. but got an “Egg” went to change her Easter costume to a more suitable one cause we might get wet during the carnival. So end up going later..

The “Late Queen” Egg
I did not plan to take any pictures *so unbelievable right?*

Lee Ming, Joey and half a me. Behind in green was Tee Yee.

well, shit happens! and i was not in mood totally. But Shane says he will take and so let it be! *Thanks* or else this post would not have any photos! *boring!*

its not a big crowd as i expected and honestly, the carnival cannot be said to be a total success to me. its quite ok lah. It can be more merrier and fun but… haha!There were bands performances though I seriously think that the company made the day! Its more like who you go with made the thing nice rather than what you did there.We went in a big group. Fimtan, Jeou Yee, Lee Ming, Michelle, Shane, Tee Yee, Wan Lin, Ying Xuan, Zen Xern and ME. 😀 but when we were there, we did not actually stick to ourselves. Met loads of familiar faces.

Yen Ming and Suh Ming! :d They are always ever-cheerful!

But my mood was just so-so. So, I am really sorry that I did not take the initiative to call/talk to you all.

To me, the highlight was the Haunted House organised by Taekwando and Biotechnology Club! Although I was scared and cried, its still the best part! and i learnt a lesson, if you are going to see or do scary stuff, get a guy together haha..
Ying Xuan and I were basically at the entrance and not moving at all for a good few minutes!*Scaredy cats!* can you imagine how scared we feel??? and it took us so long time to get out! and i will always remember Zax! He scared me before I went in and scared me the whole way out! Grabbing mylegs while crawling, appearing out of nowhere, etc.. ==” I did not know it was him when I was inside until I got out and he confessed! but still its all the “fun”.When we reached the carnival, they were all having a food contest. Its by Carl’s Jr.! I tell you what! Carl’s Jr is the best”est” fastfood! teehee~~
Another interesting one is taming the bull! I think Daleel holds the record for staying on it the longest in the carnival?This was also the first time i tried “Lok Lok” too. Its actually a mobile steamboat truck! There were loads of food and few types of sauces. Its not that bad but sauce was spicy! ==” hmmm..its quite ok lah… i don’t know, i was hungry then but did not eat so much. i came back from the carnival at 9pm plus then. rested a while and someone barged in my room..GO TO GENTING!

OK! VROOOMMM…went to get my mobile from Shane and then off I go! *Spontaneous le?!* HAHA

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Bukit Bintang on 25042008

YL gave me a lift to Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur today!She is so nice..she parked in Sungei Wang and walked with me all around for half an hour to find where the hotel is! AND the way she crosses the road..err…all i can say is she is so DARING!!! well, from another point of view, daring= DANGEROUS!!!But anyway how, she even sent me safely to the hotel room! Haha..she is just so nice! She met my uncle and just left right away! I went into the room to have a lil rest then went to Times Square! My second time..good memories of the theme park! 😀 But such a disappointment when it comes to food…SUCH A BIG SHOPPING MALL JUST HAVE McDONALDS AND KFC AND SOME JAPANESE RESTAURANT CALLED “RESTORAN JEPUN”?

Wasted our money to use the monorail to Imbi station! So we used the monorail to go to Bukit Bintang station and went to Sungei Wang. First first! I was so hungry that I can eat a whole elephant lah!
Esquire Kitchen! My third time…their food is generally nice…My first two times were in Sunway Pyramid’s and I reckon that the one in Sunway Pyramid is way better than the one in Sungei Wang. But, still I had a satisfying dinner! It had been such a long time I had such nice proper meal! I finished my rice 😀 My uncle had two bowls of rice! ==”
Got Lee Ming something from Esquire Kitchen too. Hope he likes it. That is a thanks for helping me bring my things back to the condo 😛 THANKS SO MUCH! 😀

The meal cost RM100.40 but we are nice 😀 give tips :D..Well, my uncle is nice..i am a devil! so total RM105 😀 Worth the meal I guess but still Fratini would be better…I wonder why I miss Brunei’s so much when I have so much more choices here! ==” While having the meal, my aunt called and we talked. She wanted to get her Marks and Spencer shirt.

So, after dinner, we went to Isetan Lot 10 to find it, but sadly, no Marks and Spencer. But my uncle did get a tie for himself! I dunno its reasonable or not since I never buy a tie before. But it earn me a pearl! hehe 😛 He bought the tie for RM129 and got a voucher to redeem a pearl. It was the same as in Singapore last time..I got two pearls when I was in Singapore but lost them 😦 At least now I got another new one 😛

Then we went to Pavillion again to get me a table lamp from Harvey Norman, to find Marks and Spencer and also to go to Polo Ralph Lauren cause my uncle wanted to get a suit. End up with nothing cause Harvey Norman don’t have table lamps, Pavillion don’t have Marks and Spencer and the suits were not in good cutting *according to my uncle*!!! i have to go Sunway Pyramid to buy the table lamp..

Criterias for table lamp:
– about RM200
– white light
– not too bright
– not too heavy
– non-flickering
– cannot be small
-Panasonic or National only

Anyway, walked a long long time, and finally sat down at Haagen-Dazs.Belgian Chocolate ice cream..heaven! 😀 then after the treat, convinced my uncle to let me use the Monorail to go to KL Central then interchanged to KTM. Arrived safely in Subang Jaya and used the taxi to come back…reached only at 10:30pm!! Tired, happy, satisfied yet sad..well, the sadness now is insignificant cause I promise myself that tomorrow will always be better 😀

If someone can only take you for granted, why should you give a damn about them?!

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Hot but Kiddy! haha

Was in library doing something few days ago…left the computer a while to go to the printer..

when I come back, guess what i see?This is a work by SuLyn…this is NOT the first time haha 😛

AND did i tell you she is my room mate? lol

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I was really sad~~

I am drenched yet sitting here typing this post..
I was walking under the drizzle..
It felt nice..

I wonder whether it was tears flowing down my cheeks..I forgot..It was drizzling!

Sad things always happen suddenly..

If there was any warning, sad things that are going to happen will still happen I guess..

Que sera, sera! (Whatever will be, will be!)

Yeah today it happened..
Always, a good mask would be the best!
But as I walked under the rain, sadness lost its way to my heart..

If those were tears..

They might be tears of joy!

All the images were stolen! I had had enough of citation and references 😛

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