FUN yet!

Yeah life is just like this always…you would like it to be fun but then its also tiring lahhh…

But anytime i would choose fun over tiredness…As in, even though I am tired, I would still try to join the fun. After all, what is tiredness when you are having fun?

BUT i could not wake myself up for two consecutive mornings..that says a lot..A LOT! ==”

Today was a BBQ thingy near poolside.. I have been in hostel for about two months?! NEVER been to the poolside…:S well, there are other things to do mahhhh 😛

I was tired, so i did not take pictures during the BBQ thingy. But i think its nice lah other than waiting for food to be sent to you..LOL..not that it is not nice especially since i am so tired. But i expect more..


Quoting Alvin Lai…”aiyohhh its FREE! what you expect?”

Well, went back before the thingy ends and actually had to go somewhere else with Bee Fong..

She was so anti-social ==” HAHA *hopes she does not read this lol*


Just being random,

My assigned mentor. He was the one i said was in UBD for four years? *he said its lucky we did not join UBD, or else w will REGRET…cos we will not know him then ==”* lolNabil who says he has a blog but end up not knowing what a blog is even ==”
Having nice unit mates are good…Been sometime i did not have these..not that i miss it though! XD i lived without this in Paris ok? haha 😛


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