I am undeniably a good student! *puke*

I went to the Dr Tan monotonous Biology tutorial once again! *surprise surprise* But i was determined to understand why I do not understand such simple genetics stuff! ==”

Anyway, the class ended quarter before 5pm and I basically rushed back to hostel! Had a promise with Yan Wan that i nearly forgot!!! And then 7pm was supposed to go to William’s!!! *Bee Fong promised after our Sunway Pyramid Spree*

Luckily got back on time and had time to spare! Went to Pyramid and did some grocery shopping with Yan Wan! Came back later than 7pm but luckily Bee Fong’s sister was not there yet! πŸ˜€

Her sister’s boyfriend was late!!! I was so darn hungry then! 😦 grab a quick bite and at 8pm, there he was! πŸ˜€

Went to William’s..it sounds much better than it looks! *honest* but good food! πŸ˜€
its in Kelana Jaya. Bee Fong’s sister’s boyfriend went back to his house *so GRAND with so many BIG BRAND CARS! His house even have CCTV..what say you?* Changed into Bee Fong’s sister car and we headed to this shabby food stall!

NEVER judge a book by its cover..learn this! AND food was good though its a bit expensive for hawker’s price! Nevertheless, big satisfying portions and its way cheaper than in Brunei! πŸ˜€

Still i miss Fratini’s food! When i get back to Brunei, MUST eat in Escapade and Fratini though Fratini is way more expensive than William’s..but you can never ever deny its much more nicer πŸ˜› *so peeps,when i get back to Brunei..I want Escapade, Fratini and IDEAL! πŸ˜› Ayamku also lah! :P*

So here are some pictures of the food and drinks..real big size!
Iced Mango Longan *the way I love it!*
Coconut Longan! *SO BIG!*
Mashed potato
Mantis Buttered Prawn Pasta *Yummy!*
Seafood Spaghetti
Chicken with sausages and some other things! *MY TOP FAVOURITE!*
Some kind of noodle with chicken and duck

We actually ordered WAY TOO much! We were ALL full when the food was just 50% finished! ==” but still forced ourselves to stuff them all in! and they were simply nice πŸ˜€ Too bad its far away from hostel! 😦 Total is RM100..for five persons eating western food..so much more cheaper lah! Compare to Fratini, its cheaper by three to four times if you order about the same thing!!!

But still FRATINI rules! <3<3<3 After that, they decided to bring me around KL City to see the night lights and live too! But before that, went to SHELL! First time i see how you DIY with those petrol fillers! haha..slot cards and wait…woo…btu the smell really bad lah! can get cancer from it!!! too bad i can’t take any pictures! :S *unless you wanna pay the fine lah!*

Went to KL city centre, saw some transvestite hooking onto Caucasians! night lights incomparable to that of Champs-Elysees but still a good sight πŸ˜€ lively! πŸ˜€
Having an over-look of KL city in car is surely not as fun as walking the streets wandering around! But still i enjoyed it!



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