Monash Street Carnival 12pm till 12am

Went to the carnival!! šŸ˜€ well, we all plan to go at 5pm.. but got an “Egg” went to change her Easter costume to a more suitable one cause we might get wet during the carnival. So end up going later..

The “Late Queen” Egg
I did not plan to take any pictures *so unbelievable right?*

Lee Ming, Joey and half a me. Behind in green was Tee Yee.

well, shit happens! and i was not in mood totally. But Shane says he will take and so let it be! *Thanks* or else this post would not have any photos! *boring!*

its not a big crowd as i expected and honestly, the carnival cannot be said to be a total success to me. its quite ok lah. It can be more merrier and fun but… haha!There were bands performances though I seriously think that the company made the day! Its more like who you go with made the thing nice rather than what you did there.We went in a big group. Fimtan, Jeou Yee, Lee Ming, Michelle, Shane, Tee Yee, Wan Lin, Ying Xuan, Zen Xern and ME. šŸ˜€ but when we were there, we did not actually stick to ourselves. Met loads of familiar faces.

Yen Ming and Suh Ming! :d They are always ever-cheerful!

But my mood was just so-so. So, I am really sorry that I did not take the initiative to call/talk to you all.

To me, the highlight was the Haunted House organised by Taekwando and Biotechnology Club! Although I was scared and cried, its still the best part! and i learnt a lesson, if you are going to see or do scary stuff, get a guy together haha..
Ying Xuan and I were basically at the entrance and not moving at all for a good few minutes!*Scaredy cats!* can you imagine how scared we feel??? and it took us so long time to get out! and i will always remember Zax! He scared me before I went in and scared me the whole way out! Grabbing mylegs while crawling, appearing out of nowhere, etc.. ==” I did not know it was him when I was inside until I got out and he confessed! but still its all the “fun”.When we reached the carnival, they were all having a food contest. Its by Carl’s Jr.! I tell you what! Carl’s Jr is the best”est” fastfood! teehee~~
Another interesting one is taming the bull! I think Daleel holds the record for staying on it the longest in the carnival?This was also the first time i tried “Lok Lok” too. Its actually a mobile steamboat truck! There were loads of food and few types of sauces. Its not that bad but sauce was spicy! ==” hmmm..its quite ok lah… i don’t know, i was hungry then but did not eat so much. i came back from the carnival at 9pm plus then. rested a while and someone barged in my room..GO TO GENTING!

OK! VROOOMMM…went to get my mobile from Shane and then off I go! *Spontaneous le?!* HAHA


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