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Crapping In Library

It seemed cool to type in Chinese for my blog posts but Ann can’t read! Ann, since you tested for IELTS already, go take up something for proud of your roots! LOL


Well, I was just being real random. I chose to study Chemistry today! But guess what? I fell asleep! ==” If not sleeping, then blogging lo! What else? Mr Google suggested going to Starbucks to do revision! Well, i tried going there to do my work before and I did successfully write a few lines! LOL..but studying not so sure..But maybe its much better than being in hostel where I know I sure sleep one? hmmm



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Words of Thanks

Surprise yet again! today is no other special day..its not exam day or what so ever..BUT why the surprise?


and the story does not end here. I slept and woke up to go to Library at 9am! o.O Did NOT have my lunch. Studied till dinner time and went back to library again. Now, I sit here blogging. ==” HAHA…

I never revise like this before. NEVER been so motivated to revise as early as this! Well, its not early lah honestly but still… However, I guess its good to have someone whom you thought playful to motivate you to study. Yeah, I NEVER guess that this person could actually make me revise! HAHA.. No jokes! Cause his name and the word “diligent” never formed a sentence in my mind before..Well, i was wrong. LOL

Well, sincerely thank you!

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Dinner at Sushi Groove

We went to Pyramid again! =D went shopping for groceries..prepare for war *EXAMS* haha 😛 and went to have dinner at Sushi Groove. Actually planned to go to Che Go, but then someone wanted to eat Sushi Groove I think =D So there we go…

Erm the food is actually not that good..but not that bad too! HAHA

I never like eating rice other than those in the sushi. I never crave for rice..maybe will in the future? LOL so I got some udon! =DThe emo people! 😛Jeou Yee thinks I am cute..You see? He tried to pinch my face! 😛 *perasaan*I got pictures of our food except for this Handsome Lean Lee Ming one..why? He can’t wait to satisfy his big appetite! Sighhh…*Lazy to upload everyone’s food here cause really slow lah the internet! LOL*The ice cream was nice. I was craving for ice cream so even though I was a lil full, i asked for an ice cream =D NICE sesame one! =D *I did not take a picture of it! :(*

WL and ZX shared the wasabi flavour one.. i tried some and all i can say is that I will never try that again! ==” LOL

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Thanks Ann & Hakim! =D

Yeah..sincere thanks to you two…Well, and others who did help in the process of making my things come here from Brunei to me =D

Ann, thanks for packing those things and those things that you think I might require when I am broke.. I guess i am always a big spender but I can still live within my means =D got nice people around me! 😛 HAHA

Hakim, though I still feel cheated…I still thank you sincerely cause eventually you are the one who brought it with you from Brunei to here for me =D THANKS! =D

So now i get to play with my nails and all…BUT exam is here! Put them aside and study!!! *motivate myself to study!! how???*

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HAHA..yeah exams period is near but we are still fooling around! ==” well, not WE exactly, its ME! ==” I dunno ahhhhhh… I should be real scared now 😦

But you see? with such slow internet speed, i still sit in front of my laptop to upload these pictures and ..I am very free and crazy not to go revise!!! ==”

Today got my things from happy.. and played with some of the stuff I have! 😛 IN LIBRARY when we should be studying LOL

I put some nail strengthener for him and he was so happy that he posed so cutely..Let me present HIM…Handsome Lean Lee Ming!

He in turn put a bright pink for Fimtan…not nice! He fails being a manicurist! go back to study your Chemistry lah! 😛 *I’ll bite you again! :P*

Fimtan then made Jeou Yee put on some too but he was clever enough to not let it dry completely HAHA

AND there was a couple…going crazy… ZX was trying to rape his girlfriend in broad daylight! under Monash CCTV!
See these? Done by who? HAHA too stress!!

AND once again, SORRY to those whom felt disturbed by US ME..I sincerely apologise, I know I was noisy! 😦

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Something off my mind…

I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind now…

Totally messy~~

First off my mind, I came back to hostel from library just now and talked with my unit mates as usual… =D Yeah I miss them a lot even though we stay together =D AND something scary…one of them actually dreamt of me!! Maybe she was too stressed..she dreamt of BITING me! Arghhhh and her pinch is real painful! *Don’t ask why I know..i just happen to know…* SO..CAN YOU IMAGINE HER EATING BITING ME? ok this is insane! ==”

AND I have a real hot room mate =D and she is so crazy nice to have kicked me out of my room suggested me to get start studying…OK..yeah sincere thanks. This is what partly motivated me to start revising this morning cause I hate to go against promises. THANKS SU-LYN! =D

Now…I may seem real friendly *Anyone, justify the word please*..I think so cause people tell me so?! I don’t know if they are just being nice by telling me that I am friendly instead of nosy! HAHA.. but anyway how, just after some talk with Lee Ming and Jeou Yee *the two who like to “gay-up”*, i realised one thing.. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SUPERFICIAL FRIENDS. well, not superficial. Just do not wish that people will be nice to me in front of me and yet deep in their heart, they hold grudges against me or even hate me? I prefer people like Shane who tells me what is wrong so that i have a chance to change for the better! That is why I sometimes like chatting with Shane, he is certainly a good friend but sometimes he is so annoying cause he always pek chek easily HAHA.. hopefully good at keeping secrets too! 😛

Maybe I would not change totally as to what people want. i am a peace lover *I swear* but sometimes, having own principles is a virtue. I sometimes just think that there is nothing wrong and so I shall just stay put. its not too much right to just stand strong and firm for what you believe?

AND yes, you can be submissive too if you choose to but there is always nothing wrong with knowing how to say “NO”! I admire people who can accept people saying NO and still live with it. Honestly, I try to not be angry when people do not conform to me or what i want. AND honestly, mostly I am not angry one lah..not that its nice to force people to do things with you or for you, right?! I will not feel nice also after you did the favour for me unwillingly ==” I can be real bossy but not to the extremes..AND yes..i said this to certain someone. YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO YOU ARE! 😛

And one will prefer to be single at any time unless of trauma..I AM JUST SAYING THIS IN MY OWN POINT OF VIEW. but certainly, you will never say something like “I just want to be single” in front of a girl or guy you like…maybe its just that you have not meet that special someone =D so, yeah..this is for special someone..HE SHOULD KNOW WHO HE IS =D and NO! I did NOT break your heart! LOL…

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Seriously Sunway is not Safe!

Was chatting with Ann yesterday and she told me about a news which *shockingly* none of us who are in Sunway itself knows about!==” Thanks Ann! =D So today the “handsome” Lee Ming went to find the news and blogged about it. Its in Chinese though. So I urged him to look for me those news articles in English one and so I blog about it…

If you are lazy to read through all those..scroll to the very end.. =D

Tuesday May 20, 2008

After leg, torso of woman found By ANDREW SAGAYAM

PETALING JAYA: First, it was the discovery of a leg cut off at the knee on Sunday, yesterday it was the headless torso of a woman.

Police here now fear that they may be on the hunt for more body parts.

The torso was discovered near a monsoon drain in Sunway Mentari along the Federal Highway.

It was found by a motorcyclist, who stopped to rest at the motorcycle lane leading towards Subang Jaya at 2.40pm yesterday.

Police are now trying to determine if the torso and the right leg discovered in Salak South on Sunday belonged to the same person.

OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohd said police found several shirts, a skirt and blouse piled on top of the torso, believed to have been dumped there less than 24 hours before. “We believe the victim, aged between 20 and 30, was murdered elsewhere and dumped in the bushes near the monsoon drain. The victim has yet to be identified as no personal documents were found.

“The head, arms and legs were cleanly cut off and there is no other injury mark on the body,” he said, adding that the remains were sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a DNA test.

ACP Arjunaidi said police were also waiting for test results to establish if the victim was raped.

The right leg was found in a rubbish bin in Taman Salak South by Alam Flora workers at a shoplot area.

This piece-by-piece discovery of body parts is reminiscent of the sensational Lily Chua murder case in the early 1990s where her spurned lover Gan Wei Seng cut her up into 11 pieces.

Gan, a music teacher and lay preacher, wrapped them in newspapers, placed them in plastic bags and dumped them in Jalan Langgak Tunku in Kuala Lumpur.

He was jailed 12 years in 1994 after pleading guilty to manslaughter but was released after eight years for good behaviour.

Wednesday May 21, 2008

Woman strangled and decapitated, say police

PETALING JAYA: The woman whose headless torso was found near a monsoon drain in Sunway Mentari was strangled before being beheaded.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed said this was based on the post-mortem carried out on the torso on Wednesday.

He said the results also showed that the victim, in her 20s, was neither raped nor sexually assaulted.

“Initial investigations found that her body was cut up with a very sharp object,” he said, adding that the murderer was ruthless.

“The person also cut up the woman as he or she wanted to conceal any evidence that could lead to him or her,” he said, adding that police were waiting for the DNA results to determine whether a right leg discovered in Salak South on Sunday belonged to the victim.

The leg, cut off at the knee, was found by Alam Flora workers in a rubbish bin at a shoplot area in Taman Salak South.

ACP Arjunaidi also said that police had yet to identify the victim as no personal documents were found on her, adding that the case had been classified as murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

The torso was found by a motorcyclist who had stopped to rest at the motorcycle lane leading towards Subang Jaya at 2.40pm on Monday.

Police found several shirts, a skirt and blouse piled on top of the torso, believed to have been dumped there less than 24 hours earlier.

Police also believe that the victim was murdered elsewhere and dumped in the bushes near the monsoon drain.

Friday May 23, 2008

Leg in bin that of dismembered woman

KUALA LUMPUR: Police on Thursday confirmed that the right leg discovered in a garbage bin last Sunday was that of a woman found headless and dismembered near the Federal Highway on Monday.

Petaling Jaya district police chief, Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamed, said the match was made based on a DNA report from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Thursday evening.

“The leg belongs to the woman. Investigations are continuing,” he said.

Last Sunday, an Alam Flora worker found the right leg in a garbage bin at Jalan Hang Tuah 4, Taman Salak Selatan here.

A torso without arms, legs and head was found at a motorcycle lane at Km10 of the Federal Highway at 2.30pm on Monday.

ACP Arjunaidi said two calls were received from two men about the clothes found along with the torso to confirm whether the victim was their kin.

“After being given a description of the clothing, both men said the victim was not a family member,” he said.

On Wednesday night, the police displayed 38 pieces of clothing, including three pairs of jeans and six shorts, found scattered near the victim. – Bernama

Sunway is not safe! But its not dangerous enough to make me swim back to Brunei to attend UBD *University of Brunei Darussalam*. So..=D

Anyway, those news articles just made me realise why there were so many police around in Sunway since few days ago. Can’t recall specifically when but maybe around 20th? Its about a lady being CUT up into pieces and thrown here and there. AND its in Federal Highway which is very very NEAR to where I am currently (just in case you do not know the obvious, it means Monash University/Hostel -> Sun-U Residence)

OK..good luck to those police in solving the puzzle and bring those meanies into justice =D

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