I Hate Arguements! These few days been bliss! =D

Today been fun! Yeah its long yet fun…=D

Early morning woke up to go to library! Hardworking kaliah! lol..but then end up checking emails, chatting, fooling around, etc. When you are having fun, time sure flies. Soon, its 10.15am, have to go back to hostel! There will be some one coming over at 11am to clean our ceiling fan and wash our curtains!

Before I went back, I searched for the photocopy place Ying Xuan and Lee Ming brought me to last time. Was so scared cause I thought I was lost ==” *Stupid Shane don’t want to help me!* Suddenly, Sulyn called to see where I am! Just to make sure I would be back in time to keep my stuff before the cleaner clean our place. After getting my stuff photocopied *yeah i found it! teehee~~*,I reached on time in my room but the cleaner did not come even after 11.10am! ==”Went down to complain lah of course! sighhh paid so much for such inefficiency! ==” Anyway how, a cleaner came up and got the things done very quickly =D we washed the curtain ourselves instead =D Do not trust them lah!!!

Then Sulyn vacuumed the room whereas i mopped! I am so proud of myself for completing that task =D But if i were to be given another chance, I would rather vacuum the room than mop it! ==” By 12.30pm, everything cleaned! So take a good shower and went back to library! Soon after, went to Medan, now known as Rock Cafe, to have lunch. I was REALLY hungry!!! A lil too greedy took too much food and so cannot finish, even after giving some to Lee Ming and Jeou Yee!!! Since cannot finish, also gave to Zen Xern! So you can imagine how much I took!!! haha

Then went to Sunway Pyramid! Groceries shopping again! haha..always buy grocery but do not really use them or should i say eat/drink them?! lol Got so many milo instant mix still…and some soy one again! ==” Frozen sausages till now unfinished! Even my cheddar cheese! LOL… Tomorrow make some tuna cheese sandwiches and eat!!! Loads of instant noodle again!!! I should sell some to those who wants them horr?? Anyone interested?
Went back as how we came, BY BUS! I just love using public transport, EXCEPT taxi! ==” cam whored in the bus. This is the only satisfying photo i think..and yet I am Not that satisfied lah!! hehe..With Jeou Yee!
Came back after a hard day of play yet to have more fun! rested a while and went down to poolside to see a couple “yuan yang xi shui” LOL…then we talked and talked and played SEE SAW! YEAH! Childish meh?! Whatever You want to say! As long as I had fun! 😀 So long did not play till so fun! =D
Went to have dinner in the Poolside Cafe…played the “thumb fighting” game! Lee Ming got such long fingersss! Jealous!!! i will chop his thumb off! Then I WILL WIN EVERY GAME AGAINST HIM! hehe 😛 Played till it closes and we moved back to the see saw! so much fun!!! =DThen soon many more people gather to celebrate someone’s birthday! I did not join cause I don’t know that person mah! so went back up!!! SHOCK! I forgot that I still hold some promises with Yan Wan and Bee Fong!!! After some persuading and apologising, we went on with as promised 😀

They are so nice! =D and i got the chance to be fatter again! Cause Yan Wan cooked red bean soup again! Bee Fong’s faourite as she always cook! Now Yan Wan! FAT FAT FATTTTT ahhhhh ==” Will stop eating soon!


On side note, get well soon Lee Ming!
He looked so stone! HAHAA virus attacked him and he is so bergali!!! BRING TISSUES! ==” Though I know you want to save trees but don’t need to be so disgusting k?


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