Toilet Reminder!

Qu’est que s’est???OHHHHH..a KIND reminder for me
*I am one of the users of that toilet what?!*!!!
Click on the image to get a larger view. Sorry for the blurness!
I saw “this” notice in the toilet I use usually in my hostel unit! There are two toilets and two shower rooms. I usually use the one nearest to me!

AND tonight saw a kind reminder behind the door…

Wonder who post it ahhh??
Hmmm.. *Pondering real hard*

Je ne sais pas! LOL

But please..though I am not a clean freak..but I am clean I guess…

I do NOT put USED sanitary pads all around in the shower room or toilet! HOW you expect people to shower or wee wee if there is something disgusting hanging around???

I am very considerate and do NOT dirty the toilet seat! I learn well that we should leave the toilet seat as clean as how we want to use it the next time!
*Well, some people have different definition of “clean” sighh*

AND when I say I wash my feet, my feet will not come out of the shower room with black footprints trailing behind me!!! PLEASE…why bother washing when you do not do it cleanly? *Well ,as I said, some people just have different definition for cleanliness! ==”*

But still…



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