Fresh Air~~

Spontaneity again! Yeah went down to jog. Been planning to jog so many times but never did so.

91- jiu~ jiu~ says (5:44 AM):
want go jogging??

So yeah we went at about 7.20am ^^Look for some suitable area to jog but after 10 minutes then settled on the field opposite. Did not jog much too. Mostly we talked HAHA..But at least did jog a lil~~ teehee FRESH AIR!! Precious k?! lol


Please do not think that I did not sleep. I slept from 10pm till slightly over 2am because I felt seriously unwell. Then Shane helped woke me up. My alarm NEVER work at wee hours if I am asleep already! HAHA

Done nothing much..except chatting and blog hopping!

Ain’t that great?! Sighhh..



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