Mamee Frenzy

Recently there are just way too much things to complete..DEADLINES are what we do not look forward to yet have to face..==” Just hope I can be as motivated as some people to get things done earlier! But..oh well, I am born with lazy genes..who to blame?! MY PARENTS!!!
LOL..but then thinking further I am to be blamed..its more up to what I do, right?! But its just too much for now…count all the deadlines..keep rolling in..

MORE and MORE work to do only~~

Classes ended at about 2pm today. AND we sashayed in a big group into a computer lab. Start doing what we are supposed to…

Checking out blogs…
Fooling around…

OH NO! Aren’t we supposed to do our reports!? DARN…its our last Chemistry report for this semester…SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE ABOUT, AIN’T IT? lol
Got some Mamee *well, a lil more than “some”* AND the frenzy began!Those lil packs each come with a 3D puzzle to form trains… So eat more mamee..Get more trains! Yippeeee~~
Can’t blame the Science students going crazy with Mamee…:SAt one point,the built train was destroyed by Zen Xern…He was sick kind enough to fix it back..How MUCH had we eaten?!


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