Ms Michelle Tan

Seriously…Ms Michelle Tan Sze-Fan has split personality.

The carefree personality kicks in when she is blogging and the quiet contemplating girl will around be around when you talk to her personally!

LOL..Just joking lah! haha.. talked too much! Sorry~~ Hehe

Had a nice dinner with Tee Yee and Michelle. =D But can be so sure that I am very noisy HAHA..


Look at my new “girl” friends…

Seriously I am not leaning on him. Its just the matter of the angle…——————————————————-

Guess what we did in Biology Laboratory today???


It was dissected by my Prof Chow, my Biology lecturer aka my dad.

But its horrible enough to go and observe it!

Can’t believe Ying Xuan they all went to “torture” the dead frog some more!


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