Bar-B-Q Plaza

OK..I fess up! I spent too much today! BUT I am happy…yeah maybe I should agree that we can somehow buy happiness with money! Teehee~~

Went to Sunway Pyramid with Fimtan, Jeou Yee and his two others friends which he does not even bother introducing! When I asked him to introduce, he told his friend: “They want to know you!” ==” HOW NICE OF JEOU YEE! Wait till i strangle him! ==” HAHA

Fix my glasses. Well, my hand itchy mah..go play with the screws and lost one of it ==” and also my nose bridge too low! had to re-adjust. I think its ok already but when I feel sweaty or hot..then it will auto slide down! nose is fake one ==” what to do? haha

Had some ice cream in Haagen Daz =D Nice nice..=D no pictures to let you all salivate over cause the ice creams are so nice that I forgot to take some pics! haha =P

Got some shirts…LOVE this one from Bossini..I have to get a size which is a little bit unsuitable for me. But I do not care..I am not a cat fanatic or something but I just love it!!! =D Nice??? Teeeheeee~~

Actually got this shirt after shopping with Fimtan alone. We split up. i was with Fimtan and hte other three together. After shopping for some shirts, met up with Jeou Yee and his friends in Jusco. Got some snacks and then continue to shop again together with Jeou Yee this time. But Jeou Yee’s friends did not tag along! 😦 Went to Bossini to get that nice shirt up there =D And also went to Popular with Jeou Yee since he is so filial to his parents. He wanted to get some cards for them! As usual, Fimtan and I would fool around. We stumbled upon this card! teehee~~

Naughty naughty! haha =P Very naughty indeed! HAHA

Meet up with Jeou Yee’s friend after that to eat dinner in Pizza Hut but…..! Teehee~~

Had dinner in Bar-B-Q Plaza! Recommended by Fimtan! Its a good choice! I ate with Fimtan only though cause Jeou Yee and his friends wanted to eat in Pizza Hut..I am not very into Pizza Hut honestly, just love Fratini cause i think its the best and I personally thinks Mister Pizza is nicer too. Lots will disagree but I do not care =P In Malaysia there are loads others but I do not know cause I haven’t try them out yet!~


Anyway, back to Bar-B-Q Plaza..its not bad! I seldom want to eat hot in its SIZZLING hot not the SPICY hot. Cause i dislike the aftertaste of burnt tongue. But this time, surprise! I ate with the hot-plate RIGHT IN FRONT of me! and though its hot but its nice. Would not mind going the second time! =D but i wish to try some other new places I have never try before =D Look at those pictures and you will know for sure its nice =D GO TRY! GO TRY!

So I spent about RM130 today! ==” Gonna save money now! Or else I cannot go to Penang and other places!!! ==” ASK for more money! SAVE money!!!


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