Dinner at Sushi Groove

We went to Pyramid again! =D went shopping for groceries..prepare for war *EXAMS* haha šŸ˜› and went to have dinner at Sushi Groove. Actually planned to go to Che Go, but then someone wanted to eat Sushi Groove I think =D So there we go…

Erm the food is actually not that good..but not that bad too! HAHA

I never like eating rice other than those in the sushi. I never crave for rice..maybe will in the future? LOL so I got some udon! =DThe emo people! šŸ˜›Jeou Yee thinks I am cute..You see? He tried to pinch my face! šŸ˜› *perasaan*I got pictures of our food except for this Handsome Lean Lee Ming one..why? He can’t wait to satisfy his big appetite! Sighhh…*Lazy to upload everyone’s food here cause really slow lah the internet! LOL*The ice cream was nice. I was craving for ice cream so even though I was a lil full, i asked for an ice cream =D NICE sesame one! =D *I did not take a picture of it! :(*

WL and ZX shared the wasabi flavour one.. i tried some and all i can say is that I will never try that again! ==” LOL


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