Monkey’s Birthday 2008

A bunch of us gave him a not so surprise midnight crash last night. NOW, a mild celebration. No partying please. EXAM! hehe.. and he knew we will be having pizza.

Ying Xuan was in-charge of ordering the pizza online in Library. We got them from Pizza Hut. The pizza would certainly taste better had it not been cold. Well, Pizza Hut Delivery Team in Malaysia is not as efficient as in Brunei because they have “technical problems” to deal with as Malaysia is considerably big, you know? HAHA.. Well, my guess is that there were massive jams everywhere around here because TODAY Malaysia increased its petrol price by RM0.80. Its not a small amount and so, everyone was filling up their tank yesterday.

OK, I digressed, back to the main point of his birthdaynight. We walked back from library to hostel yet the pizza had not arrived as promised despite the delivery man calling to say that he was already waiting there. ==” So, we went to change ourselves and decided to meet at poolside later for the celebration.
(It was raining and our jeans was soaked and our feet were downright dirty)!

I went to meet Ying Xuan as decided but she was not there when I went up so I decided to just go down. Just as I was about to step into the elevator, I got a message then from Ying Xuan asking me to meet at Lee Ming’s unit. When I got there, Jeou Yee was there but could not get in. Remembering that Lee Ming helped me get my things back from the Library *Thanks*, I called him lying telling him that i want my things and my earrings back. He thought I was really down at the poolside waiting for him. But Jeou Yee and I were actually hiding around and scared him when he got out! HAHA.. Should have taken some pictures there then. The whole gang was not there yet so the three of us diligently revised for our upcoming exams.

Uhhh..suddenly the grandparents came in and really had good acting skills.. Maybe it was only me who oblivious to what they were up to! HAHA.. Oh well..

Lights-off, candle-on-rice,

singing the song ,wishes, candle-blown,

get creamed riced,

AND eat! =D

A simple meal from Tyee to Lee Ming..

Gift opening session..

What he got?! Uhh..a milk bottle and a bib

AND banana flavoured condoms! LOL

he said it was unrealistic, he rather have some snacks than condoms LOL

A water balloon condom game started when ZX enthusiastically filled up one of it with water.

They were having a hell lot of good time playing with that rubber.

Three of the four guys..normal? Perverted? hmm

Having a “discussion” regarding it?!

The quality was good! Could not make it burst..

See how hard the three tried to burst it?

Nevertheless, Wan Lin managed to burst it! ==” HAHA

erm.who is that mopping up the mess?! Potential maid housewife

and photo sessions!

Endless portraits taken..

Another complication came into their gay world..
His girlfriend was furious..

His boyfriend was ignorant.. but maybe he knew?!

AND some card games.

Dessert time!

complimentary of Jeou Yee..

I cut the first one =D It was like dissecting a human body?! Heck, not that I ever dissected one, but it just seemed like i operated something. teehee..

I tried only the first one not the second one because Wan Lin cut the second one.

Nothing against her, just that she is SICK! Exams is coming, I cannot afford to pay that hefty fine ok?! Hehe



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