Dinner at Tambun Seafood Village

I did not know that the airport was THAT far away! HAHA..its like from KB to BSB for those who live in Brunei! AND seriously, the place look more or else like Brunei too. So I am NOT having any cultural shock or what so ever 😛 Oh well, its also about the same as Kota Kinabalu, well, the last time when I was there. One thing that is different for sure is that it surely takes a much much longer time to get to your destination, be it your home or dinner place.
Zen Xern’s dad was picking us up from the airport and got us back to his house. Got our things down and off we went to eat seafood! WHAT A MEAL! AND seriously, I ate a lot! More than ZX, that IS rare ok?!

But then I did so even when I was full cause it would be bad to not finish up the food when his parents ordered so much for us! We had loads of yummy seafood! FRESH! Scallops, mantis, prawn, two platter of fried noodles and vermicelle! Many many more! *Be jealous…be very very jealous*

I do not have any of those yummilicious pictures because I do not want ZX’s parents to think that I am a freak for snapping away during dinner time. AND it was 9pm when we had the dinner. I was so hungry! HAHA Oh yeah, i got to have a fresh coconut drink! It was long ago that I got to scrap those flesh!!! I did it cleanly even! =P

Thanks for the great treat Zen Xern’s Dad! =D


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