Flight to Penang

UPDATED: 24.06.2008 with pictures! =D

*This post is supposed to come with pictures but the pictures are with Tyee still. So, if you want just read and imagine what I am trying to “picture” or else wait for the update again with pictures =P*

Seriously! Have you ever seen such a small plane? I mean its real small AND carries passenger! HAHA..not the model type k?!Our flight was supposed to be earlier but then delayed to 6.30pm. Probably they saw the weather forecast regarding the rain and all. Nothing to complain about the flight since it is so cheap! =D OK OK..I’m the self-proclaimed Ms. Complain CC. So I love window seats but see?! The window was BADLY scratched!!

This is my first time on a fokker plane and you can seriously see that two BIG propeller fans!!! COOL!
I was so bored and took lots of sunset pictures using Tee Yee’s camera HAHA.I could never sleep soundly like others. MAYBE I could but just then over-excited so ended up not sleeping all the time HAHA

When we reach Penang International Airport, you can directly see the big difference between the Subang Airport and it. One is LC and the other one is HC! *For those uninformed, LC = Low Class; HC = High Class* Well, use your kidney, quoting Shane, then you can think which one is LC and which is HC lah! HAHA

And yeah, someone mentioned about the air being fresher, shall agree unconditionally but then see?! OPEN BURNING! I saw it even before the plane landed HAHA


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