Penang Night Market

After the visit to Fruit Farm, we went downhill in the same dizzy mode again. There were so many corners!! Be prepared for motion sickness. But then, I guess that’s how if you want to have fun?! HAHA.. We then decided to go to the beach area and stopped at a few spots. Did not think those are the best spots and finally reach the classy un-affordable Park Royal Hotel. Walking through their lobby, we were then straight in the beach. It was a short moment of beach for us because it then drizzled! Throughout the trip in Penang from the first day till now…it has always been raining! Pfft…

Though we had loads of fruit when we were in the Tropical Fruit Farm, we still went for dinner. IF NOT HOW TO FINISH TRYING ALL MOST OF THE FOOD HERE?! I have been eating until I am way too full ever since I was first in Penang!! ==”

So after the full full dinner, went walking around the Batu Ferringhi night market area.

Why everywhere you go they also sell lingerie? Hehe…Jeou Yee’s moment when he sees all these. He is not as innocent as you see HAHA

Spent time walking around and bought some stuff. Got MY kite. teeheee…

So excited about flying it…=D


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