Tropical Fruit Farm

We started our day late *as usual*
Went to have some food and continued to go uphill by car to Butterfly Farm. It was a dizzy car ride all along!Nothing much there! Since it costs RM20 for tourists to visit, we left for Tropical Fruit Farm. Certainly a BETTER choice though it is RM25 for each person to tour around the whole hill fruit farm. WHY?! Cause it comes with a fruit buffet! =P Eat as much fruit as you want and still get a glass of fresh fruit juice of your choice.
We ate a lot and after 6pm, there was a guide who brought us around the hill top nad gave us short intro of hte fruit farm and the fruits planted. This was the first time I tasted fresh figs! =D It certainly tastes nicer then the dried type!
There were so much to see and yet I thought the tour would really last until 7.30pm as promised. To my disappointment, it finished way before 7pm. nevermind So, after that tour, we went to use the loo! This is NOT surprising… BUT this IS! Open Air! Who knows who is watching?! Nevertheless, I used!

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