Penang Bowl

Slept till 10.30am, continue to blog but nothing much was done. Had kuehs for breakfast! =D Then showered and wait for the others to wake up and prepare themselves. Had a simple but nice lunch cook by Tyee’s grandma. By 3pm, we were off to look for the cendol!!! Tyee had always mentioned about it. Ever since in Sunway…she mentioned about it till she brought us there to eat it. That is not enough, even after having her fix of cendol, she still craves for it! HAHA

But it was a different experience having cendol there. We stood by the stall savouring the RM1.60 per bowl cendol! The street is really old and sort of run-down. But it is an eye-opener. Have you ever thought that a beauty parlor with the oldish type of door would really exist in real life? I thought it only appears in the Hong Kong TVB drama!!! HAHA

We went for bowling after that. I got all zeroes until the last two games! I am THAT bad! HAHA..but my mark got better by more than six times ok?! HAHA…First game I got 11 points then the second one I got 67 points I think! =P Should go bowling more often and learn the trick to getting hundred over points!!!

We were there for more than three hours. Nice time there. That was only my second time to bowling! Great fun! But then I think it is always the company that makes up all the fun! I thank the almighty for giving me such a fun company of friends! =D

After that, Fimtan, Jeou Yee, Lee Ming and I left with Shane to his house using the ferry! Got nice views once we got out of the car on the ferry! Can see loads of jelly fish! COOL! Tyee and Ying Xuan did not come along due to transport problem. Michelle was missing in action even though she said she might meet up with us after 2pm! =(

Anyway how, we got back to where Shane’s house is at Nibong Tebal quite late. It was then around 9pm? His parents did not have their dinner and brought us out for dinner at a quite well known place called Hiang Kee Restaurant. ALL the food ordered were spicy and the Chinese tea was HOT! =( Except for the deep fried sotong! No pictures of those nice food! =P I ate them despite spicy except for the fish because it was very spicy to Fimtan who favours spicy food! So, if I were to eat it, I might die! *exaggerating* LOL

After the dinner, we planned to go have a boat trip out to see the fireflies but it was not open =( No choice but to go back to Shane’s place. MAHJONG! HAHA..we played till morning 4AM plus! Hehe.. *someone, buy me a set of mahjong tiles!*


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