Train Trip Back to KL from Penang

Right after the fireflies boat trip, we went back to Shane’s place and showered! Went to the train station which is just so near to his house! Now I know why he prefer to use the train other than it being safer!

The stupid train was late by about an hour! Geez talk about Malaysian’s timing! HAHA..always so “punctual”! Nevertheless, the train came and we walk so far away to get to compartment R4 then someone asked us to just get in the train. The compartments are joined anyway. So silly of us right?

I was wondering how our seats would be like. I recall asking Shane whether it would be like a coffin cause how he described it sounds so much like that! ==” We got the normal class one but with a bed for us to sleep since it is a late night train. Cost RM41. Fair enough I think since we got a bed to bunk in! =D AND it is nothing like coffin! =D Wide enough for two persons to sleep toghether I think!Fimtan was so reckless that she knocked herself so hard over the horizontal pole when she was going to go up the train! Pity her! I was freaking out then! She hit her head not other parts. Who knows if she slept, she would not be able to wake up? I was so afraid to talk to her once I woke up! I woke up quite early I think at 6am plus?I was thinking a lot right after I woke up. What IF she cannot wake up and did not answer me? So I messaged her even though she slept just beside me!

BUT she did NOT reply me after so long. Scared me!!! And when I peek out of the curtains, she stared back at me! I was so relieved!!! But really she got a big bump over her nose bridge! Hope she will be fine soon!

Anyway, we arrived one hour later at KL Central. =D


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