Went to Sunway Pyramid at about 10am to try get some dumplings from Esquire Kitchen for my uncle. End up over-spending. Never repeat this again! =( Got back to hostel at about noon and chat with my brother and all. Soon, its 1pm, lunch time with Jeou Yee and Fimtan. poor Fimtan, she will be alone and in agony. Asked her go see doctor already yet she doesn’t want to. Sighh…
Anyway how, went back to hostel and did last minute packing. By 2.30pm, used taxi to go to KL Sentral with Jeou Yee. From there, Jeou Yee used the train to KLIA while I used the bus to LCCT. One hour bus ride. Nothing much to see. So, I slept. When I reached LCCT, I was so stupid that i forgot to get my luggage. Have to walk all the way back to get it HAHA..*Yeah laugh at my stupidity lah!*

Oh well, yeah my flight was delayed a little. I reached Brunei safely. AND it was a comfortable flight despite using cheap flight. What can you complain when you are paying so little and still use an airbus?!The flight landed on Brunei land at 8.20pm. I came out of the airport seeing my dad, my handsome brother and two sisters. I really thought my baby sister who is only four years old forgot me already!! But she came running to me calling me and hook her hand over my wrist. My hands were occupied holding the chocolates I bought in the airport and pulling my luggage. It is a very sweet feeling =D

Right from the second i step my foot out of the airport, i was thinking: “Ahh everything is still the same. no change at all! Shucks!” Will be very bored back here I think. AND right at that moment, I miss Malaysia, especially Penang. I miss everyone there. =( i will be back real soon!!!

Oh yeah my sister got an operation. I am a bad sister, I did NOT know :S it was under both her eyes. To remove the eyelashes under her eye because they grew into her eyes.Anyway, once i got into my dad’s car..WHAT? A portable TV! sounds great but useless! I got motion sickness! I cannot watch also! AND I love sitting in the front passenger seat.. And the portable TV is fixed in the middle and so even if I want to watch, I must sit behind!!! Ish ish ish!

So when I reach the restaurant, yeah same, no parking! HAHA.. but I was darn hungry. My dad let me out of the car earlier but I refused. So we went round and round and finally, just simply park some where near my restaurant. Mum got me sweet and sour pork rice. Not bad.

AND after dinner, nothing to do! Brunei is THIS boring! So I just resort to online lo~~ What else? it is good now my dad applied for wireless internet in the restaurant. Now I can online non-stop here! HAHA After all those time-wasting, went back home! NO CHANGE! Sighhh… OK seriously, there is not much change. Just they re-painted the house. My room was re-painted PINK! Ish! Chinese: Pink = Love. Oh no! Some hidden meaning? HAHA.. I would have love it to be green. If not, just let it be white lah! Nothing can be done now since they already painted it. Luckily there is no smell! If not i would complain non-stop! HAHA My room is seriously so empty now that i don’t know how to take pictures of it to post up here. My television and DVD player are LOST! Well, I won’t get them back into my room just yet. I will be here only for two weeks what?! The next time I come back, I shall have them back since I will be around for about three months?!

See the food my dad got for me from Thailand! =D got some out to snack on but cannot finish. Left it back in my room. Nothing to do other than my sisters constantly wanting to get into my room! So I “tricked” them out of my room, off the lights and go to my parents room to watch DVD. Who knows my baby sister knew i had the seaweeds. Ransack my room to get it! See?! She was enjoying it with her milk! LOL..Heck, I fell asleep while watching DVD! My dad woke me up to go back to my room! In the middle of my sleep, i woke up to go to the toilet and prepare myself cleanly and fall back to sleep. Uhh..the shower heads were all changed too. I love the new ones more =D

I did not wake up to my satisfaction! It was my baby sister constantly knocking on my door waking me! She wanted to come into my room! :S I WOULD HAVE SHOUTED AND THROW TANTRUMS TO ASK SOMEONE TO BRING HER AWAY! But I changed for the better, I kept sleeping; ignoring her. At last, could not stand already, open the door to see her smiling at me! =D

After that, she went back into my parents’ room and I went back to sleep. Here comes my dad shouting: “You want to go out or not?!” Me: “WANT!” Him: “Then faster wake up!” Me: “OK” In fact i was still lazing around my bed for ten minutes HAHA..this is the routine when he wakes me up! HAHA

Anyway how, I prepared and was ready to go out. Just right before I left, I broke the new bottle of hair nutrient! =( I did not clean it =P Once i got to the restaurant, I told my mom. Well, no scoldings, just say I am so stupid HAHA. Aunt Damas will clean it when she get back home later anyway.

My dad then reminded me to give my grandma a phone call telling her I am now in Brunei. I gave her a call, talked a little while and then…nothing to do. I had my breakfast cum lunch. Then went up to my dad’s office to continue blogging. Yeah so much to blog about. The Penang trip ones! Still a lot! Only done two posts, my dad message me to ask me to go to Zhen Nan Miao *Chinese Temple* with him. Off I go!

AND as I mentioned, the temple here very the small one!Through out the trip there, i took some pictures of Brunei to show you all. AND see?! ALL FOREST! HAHA..everywhere also got trees lah! haha..AND Sultan’s 62nd birthday is coming. So you can see loads of these.. Yeah colourful and nice.. But yeah, still nothing much.

So I came back from the temple and continue blogging again. This is a post on Brunei itself. Now, regarding the Penang ones, I shall make a list here. So just check on this list for those blog posts on the trip that i had blogged already and linked them here.

–>Flight to Penang
–>Dinner at Tambun Seafood Village
–>Day One in Penang
–>Tropical Fruit Farm
–>Penang Night Market
–>Kek Lok Si, Penang Hill and Seri Pantai
–>Tee Yee’s Place
–>Penang Bowl
–>Pig Farm + Sauna + Fireflies
–>Train Trip Back to KL from Penang


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