Seriously, I am so bored in Brunei that I do not know what I can do.

So, I let history repeat itself. I went shopping and got things I like without thinking twice. But half of the things I buy for other people one. Seriously Brunei nothing special to buy! Sighh…so wish i am back in Malaysia!

I did not specially went shopping anyway, I was out to meet Ann! She came up from KB with her brother. Had a lunch with her and i can sense that it will be a real long time before I can meet her again though she promised to come meet up with me again before I return to Malaysia. Oh well, she should be busy preparing everything for UK. Only if I could follow her back to KB!! 😥After lunch with her, I went to The Body Shop. The make-up and training manager want me back to part time for them! Sorry, I am not interested for now. It is my holiday!!! Maybe for my next holiday I might consider since it is three months! =D I am so bored doing nothing anyway If I part time just for a month! Wahaha I can go travelling or splurge more!!! XDSince I was there to meet my friends in The Body Shop *forgot to snap some pictures of them!*, I bought some stuff too! Oh well, I just love body products! AND they have great ranges of shower gels. Pricier but smells very good! =D I got myself another pair of pants too. AND many more random stuff… *$$ flew* I promise I shall not go withdraw any money already. *Ann would be there shaking her head and laughing at me!* OK OK, I will withdraw LESS…HAHA..yeah that is me but I never back out of my words, I just will ask money from my dad mah =P

Now I am stuck in my dad’s restaurant because he messaged me to ask me to return!!! ==” return also nothing to do! Sit here for him to look at me only! T.T

Oh yeah..yesterday night, I wanted to eat Ayamku! My brother should be jealous since whatever i want I get them! =P But he got a share what if I ordered! I am such a nice sister *puke* Oh well, not my our luck. SOLD OUT! So my mum just ask Aunt Damas to buy nasi katok! XDFor those who never heard before, it is just something simple like nasi lemak but then they use plain rice. What makes it so nice is the sauce that comes along with it! =) AND how well they do the chicken! =) YUM..See I told you, my brother will get a share of it too! Teehee~~

I want to go to Escapade but not alone! Anyone?!


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