Maybe this is what every girl looks for instead?

I have never gave marriage a lot of thoughts. HONEST. Those who knows me know that I won’t always *define always yourself* think about BGR (Boy-Girl Relationship). It will come when the time comes. AND my heart always live for a better life. For now, better life equals travelling. People say it is very selfish of me not wanting to go back home! Heck! I am brought up to “see” that if I want to travel, the best time is before you work! When you work, it is your company who sends you off for business trip *if you are lucky enough* but yet you get a kick out of those trips cause you are paid to open your eye at the same time! =D But then if unlucky enough, it does NOT mean that i would not continue to travel! I still will! =D I shall want to go on a cruise one day! =)
OK OK back to what I want to highlight. I was reading something from Icy Queen Goddess, a very sweet story she gave which I want to share. Click on the link to read the full post by her. I shall post part of the post here to highlight which part I am talking about =D

Click to have a larger view =D

And I think the starting there should be “I’m a very lucky man…”

Maybe IF one day I ever want to find a life time partner, he would be a friend rather than a lover. Erm, being romantic would be nice too maybe? HAHA He need not be rich, just self-sufficient (Those who say they do NOT mind their partner-to-be being poor are pretentious liars! Because THAT would be so obvious lah! OK? WHO THE HECK WANT TO BE POOR? ish!! BE REALISTIC LAH)

Oh well, I shall stop here.. I have not much thoughts about it anyway. I live to travel for now. =D AND remembering the trip to Genting Highlands, we saw a poster which “stated” that people with a mole on their lip will have a RELAXED life! *Be jealous =P*


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