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Had too much food and fun! the title said so..I HAVE BEEN HAVING TOO MUCH FUN. Well, it is nice to have fun but not when I do not put my studies as the first priorities. Priorities should be revised now and I should really stick to my resolutions. But oh well, it is a MUST to have fun or else I might not even be able to pull through this semester. Second week was so hectic and I believe it will not stop there! ><"
So yeah after Midvalley on the 29th July 2008, I wanted to go to watch Red Cliff so badly. I was there “chanting” about it since god-knows-when. But SOMEONE (two actually — Shane and Ying Xuan) decided to just go without me =( Then there goes another who wanted to become a “spotlight” and thus tagged along. Last minute *well half an hour before going*, spotlight did asked. After much thought I decided against it. BUT IT IS GOOD! HAHA…though I still could not complete my video assignment until the last minute

I got to watch it with Jeou Yee, Michelle and Tee Yee!~ It was real nice!! =D Do NOT know how Tee Yee actually fell asleep! HAHA
Jeou Yee went to get the tickets and its movie day!! =D RM6 only for each of us =D It was long but good. I was chilling in there…”Chilling as in both enjoying and also shivering cold” HAHA..

While we were at the movies, Shane, Ying Xuan and Lee Ming went to Redbox for their singing session. They are seriously addicted. After our movies, Tee Yee and I went to meet them while Jeou Yee and Michelle went to CF (Christian Fellowship). Jeou Yee MUST have been having a kick out of having the sole company of Michelle. =P

While in there, I slept. TOO TIRED!!! But that is what I do there also other than listening to them Lee Ming singing. But that time when we were there, the session was over yet they still sing to whatever advert there were on the screen ==”
Not long after (quite long I think if I did not sleep HAHA) At about 7.30pm, we decided to go have dinner. First was Shabu Shabu at Asia Avenue in Pyramid itself. But they changed their mind for the reason of wanting to eat more for that fixed amount of money! HAHA…So they decided to go for STEAMBOAT at Flamingo. When we got there, I seriously could NOT stand the pungent smell! Well, it is the “fresh” seafoods there.. the smell actually makes me wonder how FRESH the food is

Oh well, nothing special for the offered price so they decided to go to YUEN. Seriously too hungry, I kept on complaining. As I said always, I am the only one who always complain! HAHA AND they decided to walk there. It was a dread since I was so hungry. Nevertheless, after much painstaking walk, we reached. BLISS…
Lots of food and ICE CREAM was the highlight. =D i did not eat as much as them but I tried to eat a lot! YEAH…A LOT! =D AND there were Ying Xuan and Tee Yee getting so MANY cups to fill them with ice creams!! Shane actually stacked the ice cream cups all up together..well, not all lah, since there are still four or five unfinished YET..
At one point, he tumbled them all down and we got STARES. Cause there were just FIVE of us and we ate more than 13 cups of ice cream!! ==” AND we I constantly took pictures. HAHA…

Other than that, the chicken was never to be missed. It was good but I know how to make juicier ones =D HAHA…=P and when the whole tray of chicken comes out, everyone will be rushing for it. According to Shane, in less than a minute, the tray would be devoid of chicken HAHA..That was him running a mission to get us the chickens. *Yum yum* AND other than the chicken, I actually love the clams =D (cooked of course LOL) Superb but I could not take in more..HAHA..I also love the lotus root…crunchy!=D *salivating!!* For the dessert, I would certainly choose this over the ice cream. (the blackish brown one..the green/white one was sweet/salty but nice too =D) I do not know what it is called but it is COFFEE.. Yes those who knows me know I do not like coffee. but well, I contradict myself a lot many a times..So this is an EXCEPTION. Tiramisu too =P Everything will be different when it comes to dessert =P

After eating from 7.30pm till 10pm *yes we basically ate for that LONG, until that FULL*, we camwhored. HOW COULD WE NOT CAMWHORE?! HAHA..Presenting the gay couple…Oh well, actually just want to show someone with a BIG BRAIN…he is very clever one lah! HAHA…=P AND for revenge…here goes this… =P After that full full meal, we opted to walk back to hostel. WHAT A DAY =D HAPPY =D Wonder if Jeou Yee and Michelle felt otherwise HAHA..they missed out such great steamboat leh! HAHA

This post shall end with a picture of the two girls who I am comfortable with =D


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Seriously, I am darn tired.

Friday — No sleep. Reason: Go kaypoh-ing!

Saturday — Slept at 8am till noon only. Reason: Go kaypoh-ing!

Sunday — Slept less than three hours. Reason: Do online quiz and rushing Chemistry report due on Monday!

Monday — Nap for an hour *Thanks Tyee for asking me to go nap or else I might be frustrated at someone or something*. Slept at 6am only. Reason: Rushing Biology report due on Tuesday!

Tuesday — Overslept and missed cute Dr Emily Goh’s lecture!! =( Prepared and was ready to go to the 9am lecture at 9.02am. I would only be a little late but I guess I wanted to complete my report first (Yes it was incomplete still then! ==”). Will have another sleepless night.. Reason: Rushing Fundamentals of Biotechnology 1000 words video assignment.

Seriously sorry to you-know-who-you-are. I damn want to go too. Been wanting to go since god-knows-when. But the show starts at midnight. It is a long show which might only end at about 2.30am. When I reach back to hostel, it would have been 3am!!! ><"

Sure good I listened to someone‘s advice to not go… My uncle called at 10.47pm! ==”

Uncle: What are you doing?
Me: Just came back from Midval..just showered..
Uncle: Had a nice dinner?
Me: Not bad. Aunt they all ordered soup, I did not. Eu Yan Sang do not have single dishes type of order. So we ordered stuff like hokkien mee, etc…
Uncle: Where is it? In Midval?
Me: erm..yeah..
Uncle: So they all slept? i called but they did not pick up…
Me: I think not cause they still jet lag. But maybe only lah…
Uncle: you going to sleep?
Me: No..have assignment…
Uncle: Go sleep…not sick???
Me: …
Uncle: ok ok that’s it first. Talk soon. I will call them again…BYE
Me: Bye *phewwww*


Sick + undone assignment = movie???

Yeah today I went to Midval. Thanks to Michelle for driving me to the Subang Jaya KTM..
I had a full day. Once reached there, meet up with my aunt and cousin in a pet shop. Went to have Haagen Daz. I am sick so do not feel like it but my aunt insisted since I did NOT tell her I am sick. Do not want to make people worry over my miserably negligible chesty cough. So I had root beer float. not bad! =D
Went on to FOS. Splurged on a bag for myself. Not very expensive =D *Happy*
Went on to shop around. Nothing! Went for dinner. Specially for me. That was why I went to Midval too. HAHA! Wanted to eat Secret Recipe but too many people. Service bound to be bad in crowded places. Thus opt for Eu Yan Sang for dinner. Service was good =D Food was terrific. Prices was fair except for their bird nest ==” it is just saliva of birds HAHA..
Sad as there is not main dishes like normal Chinese restaurant. I ordered their Signature Hokkien Noodle and also a cold drink (Forgot the name but its of honey lemon). I know I am sick but I just dislike warm or hot drinks. My aunt they all got soups too but I did not. I know I won’t be able to finish.

They all had some of my noodle so i was able to finish it and still enjoy some of these..Nothing special seriously. Wanted to get their mouth watering dessert but too full ><" Went shopping again. CROCS. My cousin got one pair earlier on before we met up for her dad. Now she get herself a pair…
Went back to hotel..Quite nice. Good view. =D See? Got swimming pool =D *Not that I swim* But I seriously wanted to overnight if tomorrow no classes =P I got more cranberries and a nectarine. So much food but I did not want them.. Cannot eat all of them also ==” My stuff from UK are back in Brunei. Can only get them if I go back then =( Anyway how, happy =D

Decided to get my dad a pair of CROC called my dad and tell him. He *shy shy* say don’t want. know lah, father mah.. Then he say ok ok ok lahh then fast fast pass the phone to my mum HAHA

So went back to get my dad a pair of CROC with leather over it.. =D I chose the dark brown one which my cousin stuck her foot in to try and estimate how big it is…I did not want black one for my dad =P It is suitable for my dad who always walk like a “MAN” HAHA… Oh well, yeah just for today, spent around RM300. Nevermind. Money saving plan is still on… Just need to remember to treat yourself nice when you did work hard. Yeah serve you right. Who asked you do your work last minute?Then i went back using the KTM myself at 8pm! WT freakkkkk…..KTM DELAYED. NEARLY AN HOUR! sheesh..WHAT TO DO?! Reach back to Subang Jaya KTM at about 9.50pm. Use taxi go back hostel as I was darn tired. Lazy to bargain the price too. Paid RM8.

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For Linny =D

Had my second Chemistry lab (28th July – Monday). Dilution and spectrophotometer again! Oh well, kind of dull since we repeatedly do these kind of experiments. But one thing is that we can copy paste our previous semester’s reports!!! Whee.. OK OK forget I said that! HAHA
Anyway, some random pictures…of Linny =D *HAHA*
They were so engrossed in watching a post mortem recorded by the police (Othman. ID number 117722 — do not really remember his number but I think it is that one lah). IT IS SO GROSS OK? Sighhh…they were so happy and excited to watch the forensic doctor hammering open the skull of the deceased ==”

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Asia Cafe 26th July 2008

Had our dinner at Asia Cafe. We (Lee Ming, Shane, Ying Xuan and I) went to Asia Cafe using the bus..the bus was damn packed but we managed to get seats not long after. So lucky ehhh HEHE… The bus trip was considered a quick one. Once we got there, walked over the overhead bridge and walk a little bit more. Reached!! So many people there despite the drizzle!Lee Ming and I walked around in search on food we would like to have while Shane walked alone to get his fried kueh teow. Ying Xuan was looking over our table! =D While in search of food..saw this..i guess I should really go to IPOH! They love me! until they put my name as their stall name!! HAHA..SS

Got loads of food! But what I love the most was the bread! =D I remembered having the mini type in Maxim Restaurant in Miri, Malaysia. OH well, I love bread too anyway..hehe

The bread was supposed to go along with the crab. My dad cooks nicer one. I did not eat the crab but just had the sauce as the dip for the bread. From the sauce, you know the difference. Maybe its father’s love HAHAI did not try the hokkien mee Lee Ming ordered because got pork INTESTINE! I do not eat internal organs one..YUCK! But I guess they enjoyed that!We ordered so much man!! See how full the table is! JUST FOR FOUR ok?But nevermind. As always, got Shane to wipe the plates table squeaky clean..HAHAAfter that, we got some samples of Shandy (apple flavoured). Sweet. Taste like Jurongcon (the “c” pronounced as “s”). I like it =D But still…HAHA..Then, Shane and Ying Xuan went to buy ban chen kuih..COME BACK WITH PEANUT BUTTER CREPE..and the crepe only ONE side got filling ==” Sheesh. But still we ate it lah..After the very heavy dinner, they wanted to go back but I insisted on walking around. Then noticed a Japanese Cafe called “MOMO HIME”…Never knew Lee Ming had always visited gay bars such as MOMO (this is a lie!) and even wanted to look for prostitute in.. *If you know how to read Chinese =P*After that, went back with taxi! Been nice having dinner like this. Guess Tyee and Jeou Yee missed out all the fun! AND too bad Fimtan could not join us today! *Maybe she is out on her spy mission again* HAHA

Once back, felt too full still and went to walk around the large field opposite condo hostel. Saw a Caucasian. Nice nose but too thin! HAHA…anyway how, it was a great night out until I reached back hostel, right in front of my room… I FORGOT MY KEYS AGAIN!!! ==” FIFTH TIME! So embarrassing cause the guard remembered me losing my keys last time! sheeshhhh

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What’ happening?

My week MUST be a hectic one but I do NOT know what went wrong! I just had fun and chilled. What happened to my reports, assignments, etc???
21st July 2008 (Monday)I had my first Chemistry laboratory at 9am!
Work due: CHM1022 Lab Report.

22nd July 2008 (Tuesday)
I had my first Biology laboratory at 2pm!
Work due: BIO1022 Lab Report.

23rd July 2008 (Wednesday)
I had my first video class for Fundamentals of Biotechnology at 3pm!
Work due: BTH1802 Video Assignment.

24th July 2008 (Thursday)
Can I say i freaking hate Thursdays? We would have classes without much breaks! Tiring!! Hungry!! sheesh…
9am – 10am: tutorial
12pm-5pm: Classes with NO breaks
ADD on to it, there are quizzes to be done. Most probably would be done during the 10am to 12pm slot. Where is MY lunch time??? ==”

25th July 2008 (Friday)
Oh well! NO CLASSES! =D Ain’t it great? That is why we had a hectic Thursday! AND figuring we ahve so many things due and yet have to deal will three quizzes (Mastering Bio Quiz, BIO1022 Mini Quiz and CHM1022 Mini Quiz) on weekly basis again, we should NOT be going out so much, volunteering for this and that, etc..

But guess what? we went to help out late Thursday night until 7am Friday morning for the Youth Festival! ==” NO SLEEP in between ok?! @@ I was there as a reporter I think! LOL.. Having as much fun as I can only.. But I did help out a lil.. We (NOT including Ying Xuan HAHA) built this “treasure box” and also filled up this big container and “grow” our crystals..Due to some reasons, we were transferred from the field beside Sunway Pyramid (the location of the Youth Festival) to SiSi’s house (a fellow Chinese MUSA girl)
There we helped out to cook together with June (an Ipoh girl who give herself to MUSA as free labour — as she claimed! LOL). He is of carpenter + maid potential. This sums up with him being a good house husband. Then he’s HD student. So, his “confidential admirer” out there, good choice!! =P Next time you have a good guy with good income AND help you with housework. You just go shopping and goyang kaki lah! =P

Oh well, as I said, I was there as a reporter only HAHA..nah, I did de-shell some eggs. After four tries, I finally got a smooth egg for the fifth one!!! NOT my fault, the eggs were not nicely boiled OK?
Made egg/mayo sandwiches and brought them for the committee members as snacks because the sandwiches do NOT look nice. Again, I must say not our fault, it is the guys who helped cut the bread’s fault. Tsk tsk… *Thou shalt not complain*

After that, I went back to the location and helped out. Basically just tape all the card board boxes together. Layer with home-cooked-glue. Spread newspaper over it. Then another layer of special glue. Finally, black garbage plastic bags! Wait for it to dry a bit and carry it up…Put it up and tighten it to the poles =D
It was 7am and I was wide awake! Everyone dog-tired! The box we built together earlier on was seized by Daleel (He is a very very TALL guy! ==” Looking back at those pictures I had with him, I am really really undeniably SHORT!)! AND lots of things were undone! sighhh.. But then throughout the whole volunteering help, it was good fun. The council members were great making jokes, having fun etc while doing work! Time passed real quick. But the moment I enjoyed most was during the rest where I got to talk to Michelle and Lee Ming =D

Oh well, after that, went back to snooze..

Then at 6pm, went along with Lee Ming, Ying Xuan, Shane and Fimtan to the location and have a look. I found out I am scared of mascots!!! ==” We ended up having dinner at Ichiban. Shopping in Jusco. * saving plan sounds great eh…does it work???*Oh yeah, as Lee Ming and I did help out the night before, we got a free shirt *I shall not complain but then the colour…. ok ok.. NO COMPLAIN* and got RM10 vouchers EACH! =D Went to use them up and happily went back! =D

Guess it is time to start on reports and assignment? Heck! Went chatting, blog hopping, doing random stuff like making the quiz *on the right hand side of my blog* and doing god-knows-what OTHER THAN MY UNI WORKS! shit…Instead of blogging here…I should really be doing them!!! CIAO..

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A forwarded email…

*click to enlarge*

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Arghhhh! I do not want to live already..

*Please do not take this statement for real. If I am suddenly found to be lost or died, must be kidnapped or murdered by someone for example LEAN LEE MING Abu Sayyaf. I will not suicide one cause I am scared of pain.*

Anyway, really really lahhhh!! please keep it a secret yeah.. *You know who you are!* Thanks…arghhhh!!! AND then horr…so many things happened in between, made you *You know who you are loh! HAHA* misunderstood even. If got chance I tell you the long winded story personally. Too paiseh to blog out here let people like LEAN LEE MING to read. Give people less chance to tease/make fun of me! =P

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