RIPAS hospital

I thought my mummy was just joking about my sister’s operation being a plastic surgery. Well, sorry, it is real! I heard it from the doctor himself when I was with my sister at the hospital just now. Maybe she is the one of the few cases in Brunei? There were six people in the room just to look at her eyes! I don’t know what the big deal is.Apparently, my sister underwent the oculio plastic surgery (did I get it right?) because her undereye eyelashes is growing abnormally inward. Normally, would grow outwards. Look into the mirror if you are confused about what I am talking about.According to the specialist, it is VERY normal in South East Asian children. Usually they will outgrow them when their facial features are fully developed and no surgery is required. UNLESS, as in my sister’s case, it causes cornea-related issues. So, yeah my sister then underwent the whole surgery process. Doctors were so happy snapping so many pictures of her round face and more close ups of her pair of stitched eyes! ==”

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