Stephen Clarke — I do not read much seriously

I got three books from UK. Now I am reading one of them..which is… Then another is this one…My sister bought them for me and she failed to get this one…maybe out of stock? I have been wanting to read them for oh-so-long. I first know about them online when I was in Paris. Early 2007 I think! =D

And in mid of 2007, before i wanted to go back to Brunei, I went to Fnac with my uncle to get Assimil. Assimil is a self-learning language book equipped with the audio. I got a library card (Don’t ask me how I got it but I got it via good means ok?! =P) AND borrowed the Assimil (book with CD) from the library which is a stone’s throw away from where I was staying in France. I copied the CD’s and got them in my iTunes =D *Let me now SS a bit — HA! I am just so CLEVER hehe*

But I figured I need the book in order to learn. So I went to Fnac to get the book without the audio files (either cassette or CDs). The book alone was 20 euros. If I get with the CDs (I won’t get the caseete one cause who use them nowadays?!), it was 70 euros if I did not forget.

Fnac was so big in La Defense and so i broke away from my uncle and he went to see his electronics and CDs while I go to the books section. There was very limited English books there considering it is FRANCE! But I spot…I started reading it there and then and my uncle had to call me inorder to know where I was. HAHA.. I totally liked it because at that time, for more than half a year, i just read three books(?!) From what I rememeber, it was Life of Pi by Yann Martel (Real good book — should read) This is just an illustration. My book got the blue cover one which I think is the earlier version and looks nicer =P HEHEThe other book which I read and truly enjoyed (I was smiling and laughing like crazy in the Metro stations. i think the French must have thought I was crazy!!) was The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger (Not sure i got her name correct or not!!)The other one I could not remember the exact name but it was a kind of kiddy book for girls. It teaches you how to excel at things. there was another book exactly similar but for boys. I did not get to have that because my aunt thinks that I as a girl should only have the girl one! Hehe..I was laughing crazily too reading that book. Especially on the part teaching us how to give good excuses on not handing in our homeworks! LMAO!!!

OK Sorry I digressed. Ask me what happened in Paris and i can seriously get carried away! Back to the Fnac scene. So my uncle asked me to buy it but then comparing the prices, I would rather go back to Brunei to get it or wait for some one to go to Malaysia or UK to get it for me. Oh well, none in Brunei. Since my sister is there and my aunt goes there often (on mission), so can get them to buy! AND still as expensive since I am not just buying one BUT all four then.

AND now! Stephen Clarke wrote another…I AM EXPECTING IT since my aunt is going to back to UK this mid of July (on mission). Then my sister can bring the books, tarot cards, my three pairs of new sneakers and some new clothings to me in KL (tentatively end of August!!)=D HAPPY! Speaking of tarot cards, NO, I haven’t got them because my sister wanted to get them from Italy. BUT when she got to Italy, it was so much more expensive. So my sister did not want to get it and plan to get it for me only back in UK! ish! =( Oh well, nevermind, at least I am getting it! =D


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