The Cat Fights

Hey you all out here knows anything about XIAXUE and DAWN YANG cyber cat fights? HAHA i think you all who blog or read blog should know. SO ENTERTAINING.

I was so bored in Brunei but NOT anymore last night when I started kaypoh-ing about what happened. It actually started two days ago when Ann asked me whether I know the contents of Xiaxue’s removed blog post. It was previously viewable through this site –> Dumbo Dawn But now kena removed already! So regret I did not save all the screen shots of what Xiaxue wrote in that removed blog post. But at least I read it HAHA

ANYWAY, the whole thing is about Xiaxue “disliking” Dawn Yang and made her opinions out in her blog. Dawn Yang was sad about it and asked Xiaxue to remove the post if not then they would take it to court. I remembered Dawn Yang as a person whom I think in real life has never gone under the knife and has a pair of very nice pretty big round eyes! OH NO! I am so gullible and now found out she is a PLASTIC. Oppss…no! I think she is an ANTIQUE VASE. High maintenance fee mah! HAHA *Oh this is just my opinion lah! haha* Thinking back, I must have sound so funny when I asked LM and JY to read about her blog! AND complimenting her too!

Well, maybe I should not take sides also lah since I do NOT know both of them. I used to think Xiaxue is a bimbo and all. But at least she admits to her wrong doings (read it here and here and here. But she actually explained the whole story herself too and if you are ever bothered, read her recent blog posts =D) and all. She does not pretend her nose is real when in fact it was obviously a nose job she had.

But Dawn Yang? She denied *I think* all the plastic surgery. You can see how she actually looked like in Kenny Sia’s long time ago post. She looked so totally different. She claimed *I think* that she is of Dutch/Thai/Jap heritage when she is in fact a 100% Chinese! She is *I think* a whore girl with no self virtues and open her legs wide to rich old man. I think Michelle and I reached the same ground that we detest people who have no self respect selling herself for money using sex. No one detest love making *I think* but it is just something out of love not money. Maybe many out there think this is another stupid statement! I do not care =P

Nevermind and last night, I was so kaypoh reading so many of the related posts and all. Xiaxue did an update and another post which was able to proof what she said. Then, was thinking why Kenny Sia hasn’t blog anything ah? Then comes his post jut when i switch on my laptop and login! Have you read his post on this?

This is so interesting..until i am not free again with the starting of my second semester in a week’s time! Time flies and I am looking forward to go back! Meet those people I missed so dearly! =D Yeah, I MISSED ALL OF YOU! =D


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