Dinner at Orchid Garden Hotel

Uncle Peter’s company bought a table for the event: “12th Anniversary of Nanyang Teck Kung” at Orchid Garden Hotel. I think it is lah! Not so sure but from the whole dinner, I think it is Deity Liu Hai‘s Birthday. I do not know much about this God. But my dad has been attending this event annually. This is my second or third time tagging along. Uncle Peter always gave my dad two tickets AND since none from his company could make it, he then gave us more tickets. He gave us a total of six and so my dad asked me to tag along! Oh well, another boring function since I know no one other than my father, my brother, my second sister, and Ti Ko Ko and his wife. We call him Ti Ko Ko not because he is young but just because my dad has two friends named Ti! The other who is elder we address him as Uncle Ti. =DWe were seated at table 44 *dead dead*. AND Ti Ko Ko’s wife said its unlucky! HAHA..rebuttal from Ti Ko Ko: “Si Si Ru Yi” NICE ONE! =D
The function starts at 7pm but as you know how Chinese is (YES! I am stereotyping!). The function actually started predictably at 8.30pm! ==” But I was slightly hoping it will start at 7.30pm! AND we went there at 6.30pm so to get a parking! Do not need to park far far away! =D Oh well, i think it is good since I am wearing my leather boots there *Bought in Paris but seldom wear cos its a two and a half inches heel — I think*.Speaking of my leather boots, no one polish it for me! Aunt Damas at that time was busy and could not help me polish and my dad was rushing. So I just use this..Don’t know what I should call it, I bought it together with the boots. It is to keep the genuine leather shiny and protect it. I sprayed it on and let it be. Usually, you have to wipe the shoes first then spray it over AND polish it. I am too lazy! hehe..Anyway how, went there and I was expecting it to start at about 7.30pm. Who knows they did NOT! =( But there were red eggs =) those when you have if it is your birthday! =D I had one and drank some chinese tea =) I am a greedy person so I got these: Chinese tea, Mirinda orange, mineral water! HAHAOur red fingers! =D Notice: my brother purposely showed his middle finger!! *naughty* I was waiting and waiting for the event to start.. So bored that I took out my book and my iPod and start reading and chilling out there. AND out of a sudden, a guy started singing. Followed by a younger girl. I know NONE of the songs TT But the girl was cordially invited from Malaysia. Well, all of the performers were invited from Malaysia. AND the girl is one of the ASTRO Talent Quest one as they mentioned. But I don’t know who she is! HAHA.AND in between was still a long wait and I was so hungry..I then took another egg and enjoyed it =D My brother had another one too. Pity my second sister, my dad does not let her have another! *sniggers* She eats a lot one ==”

OH good! Now they serve the first dish! =D I was so hungry and the platter seemed so delicious that I ate a lot! ==” AND was full! That was just the appetizer! Arghhh..nevermind..

My mood was so down then and beginning to get restless. AND guess what? They (My dad and Ti Ko Ko) were talking about money and so I took the chance to “mention” my camera. My dad says NO! I can only have it next year since i have an iPod and a camera phone already. Then I mentioned that I will have a field trip in the upcoming semester and would NEED to take pictures of small insects. HOW is my cheap camera phone be able to do that? *I am wicked I know tsk tsk*After a little while, he says: “I will give you RMX amount as pocket money!” When I heard that, I was so happy but Ti Ko Ko remarked: “What? Just that ah? ASK for double lah!” But I said no need: “I do not need that much!” I then told my dad: “How ever you like as long as I get my camera. AND I think that amount is sufficient lah! HEHE.” I could not contain my joy and straight away went out of the ball room to make a long distance call to Shane! Hehe.. So happy now. BUT let’s just hope my dad keeps his word! If he doesn’t, oh well, just let me simmer in this momentarily joy! =P

So I was out on the phone with Shane for awhile cause it was real noisy in there. When I got back in, they were drinking the soup already. So, I could only get a picture of my soup! It was scaldingly hot! Haven’t finish it, my dad added more soup for me! I was already nearly full!!! Ish!!!

AND more dishes came up…This is the herbal chicken and smell strongly of chinese herbs. It was nice but the breast part was very dry!The next dish is this broccoli with Chinese mushroom and sea cucumber! The mushroom is tasteless! ==” Medan ones still nicer hehe.. But I love brocolli. So had some of those. AND Ti Ko Ko gave me some sea cucumber! Aikkss..I do not really know how to eat but still force it down. =( It is ok lah but if they slice it thinly, I would enjoy it much better! =D

Then there is Promfret =D I love the baby ones. This is so large. I was so *cough* nice *cough* and served the others. Well ,the waitress just de-bone it only. AND I admit I am not that nice lah. Just the two strangers (a couple I think) sitting on the same table as us keep on pushing us to eat more, especially the uncle. He keep on putting things on our plate!! ==” So i took hold of the serving spoon and give each and every of them parts of the fish! I just left a very small bite for myself. HEHE

Then come another dish! PRAWN! My brother served this time! Not noticing, he placed TWO onto my plate. I asked for a small one only just to try!!! What a good brother who complaint that I am fat yet always feed me! WHAT A GOOD BROTHER!

After that, hey served noodle! I was really full already! :S The waitress served the noodle to each and everyone of us. I wanted to tell her not to put into my bowl but too late already. Since got seafood, I had them! =D But the noodles? HAHA…my dad ask me to just leave it in another bowl! At last, it was brother who finish up my noodle! =P

But pity my second sister. HAHA..she wanted more servings of the noodle but my dad disallowed! Seriously, she is half my age now and she eat FOUR times my portion. I eat a lot one ok? AND she still eat four times my portion *I am not exaggerating* See? She was sulking then HAHA..captured as proof! =P

In between those dishes being served.. The performances were still on-going. There was a duet between the ASTRO girl and another middle aged women. They sang YX’s song “Hui Jia”. Seriously, they did not pull it off nicely… They should have chosen another song!!! Oh oh..nearly forgot, in between, there were also things donated by people and were being auctioned off. Here is the list of things to-be-auctioned was auctioned! Some even offered BND10,000!! My dad is not so rich and does not take part in the auction, he just donated a small amount every year to the society. This time they are planning to build a new temple in Kuching and so they are collecting funs specially for it.

Out of boredom, I mixed chilli padi with soy sauce. I saw that undisturbed whole plate of chilli padi. So pity no one want to eat them! So me so kind, mix them lo. But at last, no one want to eat too HAHA. Who knows Ti Ko Ko placed some into my Mirinda! ==” He can be really childish too HAHA despite being a father of two HAHA Luckily i did not drink it!!The dinner was really a bore had my brother not been there! He was online-ing using his mobile and I follow suit. HAHA..I updated my blog’s scream box. It was super duper slow but at least I got to do something. Then bored again because it was really THAT slow. An idea came to me when my brother asked me whether I can edit photos in my mobile itself since my phone is K series (Sony Ericsson; Cybershot). So I randomly took my brother’s picture and edited it.When I showed it to him, he wanted to play too. I let him take a picture of me and edit! =D Who knows?! He tried to fix a PIG NOSE over my face. But could not fit! HAHA Ti Ko Ko then suggested my brother to take a full face picture to do that. So, being mischievous, my brother and i tried to take a picture of Ti Ko Ko to do that PIG NOSE thingy. HAHA..failed and took my second sister picture. HAHA…so mean!Ti Ko Ko then joined the fun by editing my sister’s!Ahh it was not so boring after all. Oh oh.noticed one thing. I was too full and so was turning here and there looking around the other tables. There were maybe hundred over tables!! AND notice one thing which I thought was iced chinese tea. But then, why have so many bubbles one?!Then something struck me! It is beer lah! HAHA *For those who do not know, it is illegal to serve alcoholic beverages in restaurants whether it is sold by the restaurant itself or brought by the customers themselves* Talking about beer reminds me of the cracked glass! ==” I noticed it and complaint *Oh well, I am Miss Complain CC mah* But then I was real polite. The waitress even exchange a glass for me! LOL..that was not even my glass! I don’t know whose, I just randomly took it from the table itself HAHA And later near the end of the dinner, I asked for another glass of Mirinda Orange because Ti Ko Ko placed some chilli padi into my previous one! AND another waitress used the cracked glass! ==” Of course, I returned by politely saying: “There is a crack.” And this one was more polite as she said: “Sorry, Miss!” HAHA =D

We went back at about 10.30pm and the dessert was not served yet. The lucky draws and the highest bidding item were not announced. Since we were all very full already *maybe except my sister* so we plan to just leave it before the dessert comes. No regrets I guess haha.. Went to the lobby and camwhore a bit! HAHA..reached my dad’s restaurant at about 10.45pm.

Then Sonia (one of the restaurant’s waitresses) had a birthday party for her child. Wanted me to go there after the event. BUT seriously, I am too full! AND she did not tell me earlier about it. I did not have enough time to prepare a gift. Oh well, honestly, it was because I could not wait to blog about the dinner lah! HAHA


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