Dear Diary…

Yesterday afternoon, as IF you all can’t see that my life in Brunei is only blogging and going out to The Mall, I was at The Body Shop again in The Mall. Surprisingly, got a lil cup cake! Looks pretty but not nice ==”Did something there too!! Shall copy Tee Yee, give you a before and after picture.
BEFORE…AFTER…Spot any difference? Well, spot it if you can! =D Nothing to do with my hair BTW! hehe

Yesterday night, I tag along my parents to go to Jaya Hypermart. It is way smaller than the Giant Hypermarket i talked about. AND is certainly much more smaller than the Giant in Sunway Pyramid!! This is one of the supermarket/hypermarket that sell rotten fruits! Oh well, this is not defamation, I have picture to substantiate! They KNOW it is going to go rotten or is already rotten. Yet they sell them. I presume no one is going to buy rotten fruits when they can buy fresh ones right? So why display those? ==” Business minds are complicating! =(

This morning felt moody cause my mummy woke me up ungentle-ly. ISH! Cause my second sister forgot to bring her pocket money and could not buy food! Seriously, she will cry if she is hungry. She will cry too if you eat something and she does not get it. I prepared myself at normal speed, not knowing she did not bring her pocket money. As usual, they would be waiting for me in the car already *Well, they did not wake me earlier and want me to go out also mah! =P* Went to pass her the money, she looks so happy and not even near pale or fainting. Just one miserable “break”fast. Wonder who set the rule that you MUST eat when it is break? Recalling previously, I seldom have food during breaks. It is in the car that I have my breakfast already usually. *Yes I was so slow that I do not have time to eat at home before going to school! AS IF!*

Then went for kolomee in a secluded area. The place is more like a residential place and only has six tables in it. Mine..special with wantan and fishball! =D Penang fishball still nicer! *sighhh* Leftover…*Do not start daunting me with it because it seriously won’t do any changes to those in third world country whether I finish it or not!*
Ohh, some should have known how I use my chopstick. Tell you all what? When I was a kid, probably I hold it the same way as this cute girl..and we learn how to hold in a wrong way. But at least we USE the chopstick…HAHA… *this cute girl refuse to use a fork! STUBBORN! She is way more stubborn than me! When she is out of mood, her face will always tells you: “Don’t mess with me!”*
After the breakfast, we went back and she gave me a yoghurt. So sweet of her to bring it to me. My dad got her two yoghurt and she share it with me =D I know I am going to miss her a lot. Well, yeah, me pilih kasih. I sayang my baby sister more. HAHA

While still camwhoring with my baby sister, my dad came to me with this…WTH?! just had kolomee!!! I did not eat. Forgot I put it where already. If remember then eat later.. OH that was lamb chop with plain rice. It is very nice with the special sauce of my dad. I ate it the second night I was back in Brunei I think. One thing I do not like is hard to eat! Ahh well…HAHA *so random*


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