Finally! After so long, I get to meet Izzah! =D Ratna brought me there (The Body Shop in Soon Lee)! But too bad it is just a short moment! Wish it was longer but then I should be satisfied I got to see her then! =DBefore going to meet Izzah, was supposed to wait for Ratna in my dad’s place. But I figured I want to buy some more things *this is a MUST..because I am not spending for myself =)* and also change Malaysian Ringgit, I shall just go to The Mall and do what I have to there and then wait for Ratna there =D It was certainly a good choice though I did not get to change the Malaysian Ringgit *They did not have enough to change for me! =(* You are asking why a good choice? Cause..lift your head and be amazed..It is not obvious?
Oh I mentioned yesterday I went shopping with my parents at night right? I think I did mention. I actually went to get this..

I freeze it and shared with people I saw around. I could not freaking finish them anyway! HAHA.. And guess what Sonia asked me? HAHA..I would have thought that she never had ice lolly before!

“How do you open this?”

Speaking of food… Guess what? I brought one luggage back to Brunei form Kl and now I am going to bring two luggages back. “Should it not be the other way round?” questioned Ann. Oh well, I have got too much food! HAHA..really I can say that about half is food! AND they specially got it for me. AND I could not finish it in two weeks time. SO?! Bring it to Malaysia!

Seriously, I think no one want to eat with me also because they had as much as they wanted already before I came back. There will still a lot that were already opened and unfinished! THAT IS HOW I KNOW!! Haha


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