Just for the sake of blogging HAHA

This shall be a post with no pictures.
If you are not aware, the internet in my hostel is darn slow!
Sorry if it bores you but you always have another choice…=P

Seriously, many of you might have been wondering what happened to me? WHY am I NOT blogging? For me not to blog as frequent as a post one day seemed like a strange phenomena? HAHA..

Oh well, I felt I get my life back again recently because there is something to look forward to and to meet and hang out with friends that I oh-so-miss during my holidays. It would be weird to say I look forward to university life again. BUT I tell you! I do miss it cause I was so bored. Had i been traveling and all, maybe I would not feel as such =P AND mentioning about friends. it is just so weird how I got so attached to my peers here. I miss them oh-so-much. Just like how I will miss Ann if she left for UK! =( Oh well, c’est la vie!!!

I sort of regret going back to Sunway on Thursday instead of Saturday. HAHA..Had I come back on Saturday, i would reach hostel at about 1am Sunday! Unpack and have my sleep, would be afternoon..AND my friends would all be back in Sunway =D So that is how it will be next time =D I thought Brunei was THAT bored until I realised that boredom equals to having nothing to do or look forward to!!

So on Sunday, they were all back, but in the evening only then all were really back!! haha…Shane asked me to go lunch but I had headache and all. Not feeling well, so I planned to just stay in. In the evening, met up with Ying Xuan and Shane. Shopping spree =D HAHA..bought so much lah!! After that, met up with Lee Ming and Jeou Yee.. They are mean for not wanting to meet us up earlier in order to not help us carry our heavy loads! =(

First time for them to see me in skirt! Oh well, NOT that I do not wear, just I did not bring any skirts last semester. This time I brought two. I doubt that I will wear it frequently too. Hehe… AND I am just so clever..I brought so little shirts! ==” I brought lots of shirts back and just brought a few back. So i need to go shop for new shirts?! OH NO!! SAVE MONEY!! Ok do not care, just make do with whatever shirts I have.

Ok I digressed. We went shopping for groceries and then around in the mall itself. After meeting up with Lee Ming and Jeou Yee, we went for dinner in Kenny Roger’s. Chicken not too bad but still the same thing..dry in the breast part. But I love the corn and carrot! =D Yum Yum…the price was fair for such big portions *I do not understand HOW big Shane’s stomach is! ==”*

Then back to grocery shopping (Lee Ming and Jeou Yee turn HAHA) Then we went back by taxi… wonderful time we had..well at least for me, cause it felt like ages since i saw them HAHA. I guess we all did not change much, other than hair… EXCEPT Tee Yee, Michelle and Ying Xuan hehe…

Erm I think this post is becoming too long and uninteresting..shall just end abruptly here. CIAO!


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