Sunway Pyramid *again*! =D

HAHA..tell you all what?! It was a real close encounter.. REAL CLOSE!

OK start from the very beginning. It started all in one of the computer labs in Monash, with me suggesting to go watch a movie. Lee Ming suggested The Dark Knight. Ying Xuan got online and booked six tickets at 11pm!

Went back hostel. Out at about 6.30pm. Lee Ming, Ying Xuan and I went shopping first. Shopped till we were hungry and broke, went for dinner in Pizza Hut. There is a SALAD BAR! Well, in Brunei, there is none anymore =( See how big a “mountain” they made? filled our stomach along with a pasta, a pizza, six slices of garlic bread, two mushroom soups and two coke! =D

When it was about 10pm++, we went to meet Jeou Yee and Fimtan at the cinema. Got all six tickets with Shane missing (who soon after appeared out of no where hehe..I was too excited cam whoring mah! HAHA). Just figured there were nicely fresh-flowers-decorated alleyway somewhere around. Went to get countless shots. Especially with my favourite flower! Was so tempted to steal take one of them.
Oh well, we cam-whored *real* long there. I actually took loads of my favourite flower’s picture.

I do not like it pink.
I do not like it yellow.
I do not like it white.I LOVE it white with some pinks =DL.I.L.I.Y.

Saw a happy couple taking pictures and they were sweet =D Many were cam whoring there too HAHA…I even helped a couple take their pictures. Did not dare to help more cause you never know they actually dislike it yet feel bad to reject the kind offer?Ahh..well for the movie. Was straining myself to watch that big screen as we sat in ROW D ==” Thanks Lee Ming *sense anything here?* But nonetheless, watched it. Finished at 1.35am. Quite long but entertaining. Thinks it is very good =D But was so cold in there! *shivers* The problem came after we enjoyed… Oh well, is it not always the case when you are enjoying? You do not give a damn about consequences. You only realise there is something wrong after you had your fair share of fun! =D

We walked back thinking how we would face the curfews *Yeah, saddening, I do NOT even have curfew back home yet I have it here in hostel >.<* It was Shane first since we would go pass through the gate to the apartment hostel before to our condominium hostel. There were six of us, only he stays there.

He tried his luck by saying he was over the curfew twice already (Ok Ok, I suggested it. The more you make yourself sound pity, the better chance of you winning mah!) and beg for the sympathy of the security guard. He asked who stayed in the condo and Ying Xuan loudly announced that all of us stayed in Lagoonview! teehee..white lie!!! =P

The guard was nice and let Shane off. Well, then it is Ying Xuan and my turn!!! ==” Seeing that guard stopping Shane there was surely enough to make us worry!! We were thinking what should be say/do. Worry warts we were/are!! WHO KNOWS? The guard can’t even be bothered to open the door of the guard house!!! *DAMN LUCKY* But maybe it was the sweet smiles that Ying Xuan and I hang on our faces! XD Well, maybe he is just plain nice =P Well, who knows??

If not, that would be our second time getting the warning letter! HAHA… Oh well, luck is on our side =P Oh well, at least the guard did make sure we are the hostelites before letting us in. Only lenient in not taking in actions for our “opps-I-missed-the-curfews”!! Hehe


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