Sungai Chongkak Camping Trip (19.07.2008 – 20.07.2008)

Over the weekend there was no blog post! Oh well, cause I went for a very torturous fun camping trip! =D It was actually the orientation bash for the freshies. I am not counted as a freshie anymore I guess since I am officially in second semester already. Maybe due to lack of participation of the Year 1 Semester 1 students *so not sporting*, they opened it to Semester 2 students too. =D
I joined the two days one night camping trip and was thus occupied for the weekend =D We had an early start. Waking up at 6am to be at campus at 7.30am. not forgetting that the night before i was chatting and doing two Masteringbio quizzes I had so little sleep! AND guess what? They only started to leave the campus at 8.45am ==” I was in the same bus with Shane and thus sat together. Kinda anti-social then! ( NOT me.. no mood mah! HAHA)

We (Tee Yee, Shane, Lee Ming and I) went together but were assigned to different groups. It is the same as the orientation bash we had in February earlier. But this time it is much more fun I guess but with so much more lesser people. We get to go to a place called Sungai Chongkak! It is about 75 minutes bus trip away from Monash Sunway campus.

Taken with Joyce, the Chairperson of this activity *She is so cute*

Once we were there, TOILETS first! So smelly lah and still charge you RM0.30 HAHA..oh well..what you expect?! Tee Yee went into the “LELAKI” toilet.. See? She so happy after going in…maybe she saw some handsome guys in there? *teehee*
After that we went to assemble and were assigned with our respective “tent-mates”. Weeee…did not need to get our own tents up! *It was a resort park what?! hehe* There after we were to sprinkle sulphur around our tents to prevent snake attacks! FREE TIME then before our lunch. They went to play in the river itself. The water was cool and fun but I did not join. *cough cough* I wanted to help them snap pictures mah *cough cough* help them keep their cameras, phone etc safe from the water again leh?*cough cough*
Oh well..after that, lunch time..MISERABLE LUNCH BOX… *aiyah this is camping..good enough you have this to eat lah! HAHA* We found a spot which herein I shall refer to it as “gladiator ring” That is where we would meet up to eat, talk, cam whore etc.

After the lunch we had, the games start and I had to get went. No holding back, I went into the river too. Had fun and got totally went. Clothes were totally wet and I did not change cause heard that we will get wet at night again. Maybe because we were in the forest itself so my clothes took a long time to dry. By the time it was dry, I got went again HAHA..

Anyway how, after the games ended at 4pm, we have a cooking competition. Set up own fire and cook with what was provided. We were given some potatoes, two cans of bake beans, six eggs and some rice. Other than that, we have to make our own “Roti Lilit” (I am not sure how to spell and also do not know what it is! ==”) For that, they gave us some margarine, baking powder, sugar, flour, banana leaves and honey. We were instructed to mix all the things except honey together over the banana leaves adding in suitable amount of water.

Soon at 7pm, we were all ready and brought our food to be tasted by the committee…We did not present all the food prepared but just the roti we made HAHA.. There after, we go enjoy *AS IF* our “dinner”with candles lit all around us lah! But so little candles, not romantic enough! hehe and Oh my god, I only dare eat the potatoes. I did have some bake beans with eggs and rice though. Tried a lil’ of the roti we made. I wonder how I survived that meal without any stomaches and diarrhea
After that, more games and it is in the dark! ==” Oh well, an experience gained. No pictures were then taken because it was late at night and the games and all actually ended only at 2.30am. Through out the night, we had rules to adhere to. from what I recalled:

  • No shouting/screaming
  • No shining of torches upwards, towards your friends or enemy and also over your own face. (According to the cute Joyce, it will not be you fainting but the people around you! haha)
  • No rude words such as “F thingy and also C like that..” quoting Joyce again.
  • Do not call someone by their name and thus we have nicknames HAHA…and someone is called CHICKEN! Guess who?! HAHA
  • When you are lost, only respond to people who answered “Liverpool” when you say “Manchester United”
  • Do not hold hands while walking in single file.
  • some other more manybe but I do not remember…

Had some fun, even crossed a river and saw fireflies. Some organisms that glow over the rocks..pretty! =D But so tired! When we got back to the camp, we got to have KFC burgers and chicken =D

Decided against sleeping and went to our usual “gladiator ring” to chit chat. But being me as always, I must sleep. Went to sleep at about 4am and woke up at 7.22am! ==” I do not know why I could not sleep eventhough I was so tired! *sheesh* But it was fun to wake up early and see how the committee members woke those who haven’t woke up yet. LOL Woke up and saw Lee Ming. Thus went with him together with one of my “tent-mates” to brush teeth. Used the “lelaki” one cause apparently, girls are cleaner that boys. Thus, girls’ toilet had long queue… Short cut? Use the boys one lah! *tsk tsk dirty boys* (Do not take this seriously lah HAHA)

Then we had to hunt for our breakfast. Damn fail one lah the food hunt. Thus, we were given some sugared crackers and the overnight KFC burgers as breakfast. Yeah, better than nothing. Tee Yee and Shane got tunas while I got some bread during the food hunt. Shared together =D at least I was full having those for breakfast *fair enough* Then we were lead back to where we were last night and played “Poison Ball”. It is actually something like dodge ball I guess. We were separated into two big groups. I was in group B and group A constantly play truant! No mood to play then and went into the river. =D got myself wet and enjoyed the cooling water under the heat =D It is fun! =D I was there with Alvin and Shane. Then some other including Tee Yee and Lee Ming joined =D It was nice =D but was scared of leeches.. *scary stuff*

There and then got to know we won’t be able to make it to the waterfall =( I thought we then could go after the cheers from all of us when the dodge ball game ended. Happily, we went back to camp to have our lunch. Chit chat as usual around the “gladiator ring” and clean up the camp site. We also cam whored. What to do?! HAHA It then started drizzling. By the time we were in bus, it was about 4pm already. The bad news was that we would not make it to the waterfall! =( Oh well, hope there is another time =D We then reached Monash at about 5.30pm. Had to wait to take group pictures and to get our refunds of RM50 too =D

A good trip I shall say..AND I did NOT shower throughout the trip! dirtyyy I know! I shall end this post with some pictures of the new people I met =D

*Me and Christine*
*Me and Chessy*
*Me and Wan Theng — a fellow Bruneian too*


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