Seriously, I am darn tired.

Friday — No sleep. Reason: Go kaypoh-ing!

Saturday — Slept at 8am till noon only. Reason: Go kaypoh-ing!

Sunday — Slept less than three hours. Reason: Do online quiz and rushing Chemistry report due on Monday!

Monday — Nap for an hour *Thanks Tyee for asking me to go nap or else I might be frustrated at someone or something*. Slept at 6am only. Reason: Rushing Biology report due on Tuesday!

Tuesday — Overslept and missed cute Dr Emily Goh’s lecture!! =( Prepared and was ready to go to the 9am lecture at 9.02am. I would only be a little late but I guess I wanted to complete my report first (Yes it was incomplete still then! ==”). Will have another sleepless night.. Reason: Rushing Fundamentals of Biotechnology 1000 words video assignment.

Seriously sorry to you-know-who-you-are. I damn want to go too. Been wanting to go since god-knows-when. But the show starts at midnight. It is a long show which might only end at about 2.30am. When I reach back to hostel, it would have been 3am!!! ><"

Sure good I listened to someone‘s advice to not go… My uncle called at 10.47pm! ==”

Uncle: What are you doing?
Me: Just came back from Midval..just showered..
Uncle: Had a nice dinner?
Me: Not bad. Aunt they all ordered soup, I did not. Eu Yan Sang do not have single dishes type of order. So we ordered stuff like hokkien mee, etc…
Uncle: Where is it? In Midval?
Me: erm..yeah..
Uncle: So they all slept? i called but they did not pick up…
Me: I think not cause they still jet lag. But maybe only lah…
Uncle: you going to sleep?
Me: No..have assignment…
Uncle: Go sleep…not sick???
Me: …
Uncle: ok ok that’s it first. Talk soon. I will call them again…BYE
Me: Bye *phewwww*


Sick + undone assignment = movie???

Yeah today I went to Midval. Thanks to Michelle for driving me to the Subang Jaya KTM..
I had a full day. Once reached there, meet up with my aunt and cousin in a pet shop. Went to have Haagen Daz. I am sick so do not feel like it but my aunt insisted since I did NOT tell her I am sick. Do not want to make people worry over my miserably negligible chesty cough. So I had root beer float. not bad! =D
Went on to FOS. Splurged on a bag for myself. Not very expensive =D *Happy*
Went on to shop around. Nothing! Went for dinner. Specially for me. That was why I went to Midval too. HAHA! Wanted to eat Secret Recipe but too many people. Service bound to be bad in crowded places. Thus opt for Eu Yan Sang for dinner. Service was good =D Food was terrific. Prices was fair except for their bird nest ==” it is just saliva of birds HAHA..
Sad as there is not main dishes like normal Chinese restaurant. I ordered their Signature Hokkien Noodle and also a cold drink (Forgot the name but its of honey lemon). I know I am sick but I just dislike warm or hot drinks. My aunt they all got soups too but I did not. I know I won’t be able to finish.

They all had some of my noodle so i was able to finish it and still enjoy some of these..Nothing special seriously. Wanted to get their mouth watering dessert but too full ><" Went shopping again. CROCS. My cousin got one pair earlier on before we met up for her dad. Now she get herself a pair…
Went back to hotel..Quite nice. Good view. =D See? Got swimming pool =D *Not that I swim* But I seriously wanted to overnight if tomorrow no classes =P I got more cranberries and a nectarine. So much food but I did not want them.. Cannot eat all of them also ==” My stuff from UK are back in Brunei. Can only get them if I go back then =( Anyway how, happy =D

Decided to get my dad a pair of CROC too..so called my dad and tell him. He *shy shy* say don’t want. Aiyah..you know lah, father mah.. Then he say ok ok ok lahh then fast fast pass the phone to my mum HAHA

So went back to get my dad a pair of CROC with leather over it.. =D I chose the dark brown one which my cousin stuck her foot in to try and estimate how big it is…I did not want black one for my dad =P It is suitable for my dad who always walk like a “MAN” HAHA… Oh well, yeah just for today, spent around RM300. Nevermind. Money saving plan is still on… Just need to remember to treat yourself nice when you did work hard. Yeah serve you right. Who asked you do your work last minute?Then i went back using the KTM myself at 8pm! WT freakkkkk…..KTM DELAYED. NEARLY AN HOUR! sheesh..WHAT TO DO?! Reach back to Subang Jaya KTM at about 9.50pm. Use taxi go back hostel as I was darn tired. Lazy to bargain the price too. Paid RM8.


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