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TAROT + Hartz Chicken Buffet *UPDATED*

I woke up randomly at about 2.30 am in the morning after falling asleep to see so many orange tabs in my lappie screen. So went replying them and then tried to go back to sleep but could not! Only after 5.30 am that i think i fell back to my slumber. Woke up with ease again at 9am! (phew..thought i could not wake up lehhh)
Oh well, then went preparing and meet JY at the bus stop right outside hostel for a bus at 10.15am. THE BUS CAME ONLY AFTER 25 minutes (ok its alright we did not wait for an hour) but still…when we got to Times Square, it was already 12.15pm. TWO WHOLE HOURS SQUEEZING IN THE TRAINS!

Nevertheless, reached safely.. The first spot was to go eat and we decided on Harts Chicken Buffet ( I want to go to places I never try before mah!) And JY said its alright there. So off we went. But we saw BORDERS first! So of course, being me, I wanted to rush in. Planned to look through the books first before going to lunch. But, being me again, not until five minutes, complain and ask to go eat first. HAHA…the one who wants to go to Borders? ME! The one who complain want to eat first? ME! (JY must be wondering why girls so troublesome one?!) HAHA Oh well…
I got the say so we went in search of Hartz Chicken Buffet. Went round and round searching for it. At last..FOUND! Well, it is an American type of buffet. HAVE TO PAY FIRST..did someone run away after having a good meal??? hmmm….
It was not all that nice. I think it will be a long long time before I go back there to eat again. And guess what? It is a chicken buffet but i only had ONE piece of chicken. I was very hungry. But as I said, no matter how hungry, I still eat as much as I usually eat only! HAHA.. (not worth it to bring me to eat buffet one lah) But still I want to go ah (who are you to say no to this?) HAHA
I was disallowed to take pictures so I just had some (sighhh!) Then after the longer than an hour long lunch, we went to Borders! HEAVEN! =)) JY was so nice to allow me to stay for more than one and a half hours but I do not need that long lahh.. (ok ok at last i finished also about that much time spent HAHA) It was real nice to be in a book store! I can stay for a whole day seriously…

Haha! Yes! My trip to Borders did NOT prove to be futile!!! =)) So happy for getting what I want now =))

I saw quite some different sets of Tarot cards! But chose to have the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. Maybe some would say I chose a typical deck instead of something special. But, I am a beginner, the lack of details on those nice/special cards make it hard for me to learn. Thus, I chose the universal one. The fancy ones, I can always wait till I am more familiar with it then I buy more (or maybe get someone to buy for me!) LING LING IS ALWAYS THE PERSON! Is she reading? she is so free now having graduated (meaning unemployed) HAHA
But I sure want to get one with French words one day =))

After JY and I got what we wanted in BORDERS, we left for Lowyat Plaza. but was raining! Nevertheless, we walked over there too. (HA! lucky was walking with me and not other girls! HAHA.. i dun mind going under the rain. Others would tell you, later my mascara and make up might be spoilt! HAHA just joking just joking HAHA) There was a lot of people too but then we got to quickly get the things JY wanted. And I also got the keyboard protector for TY and me =))

Since got what was wanted, leave lo. BY TAXI! (so sorry that I am that spoilt! =P) I do not want to get back into the crammed trains. I enjoyed it when I was in Paris. Cram or not cram. But not today… cause my legs were sore. AND ladies’ problem! HAHA.. (well, you all know lahh…) By taxi was so much more expensive but used only fifteen minutes! CAN YOU IMAGINE THE TIME SAVED?? Oh well, then dropped off at Sunway Pyramid to get the movie tickets!! Went back to hostel by foot and also climbed that wall ( I should go back home and tell my family I am good at that now =P) Oh ..yeah i did tell my uncle about that short cut… He said no to that if i am alone or with little people only, just use taxi. Guess what when I told JY? HE SAID WE SHOULD BE USING TAXI! ==” He is not a man probably HAHA..just joking

Anyway how, went back and surprise…my room mate and housemates are still in =)) PICTURES TIME! Haha..MUST TAKE pics one lahhhh!!! Give you all see one of my many pictures only here =P
Then went off again with JY to Sunway Pyramid to meet Fimtan to watch movie. On the way there met one guy…So cool. Call him also do not want to answer us..sighhh HAHA…

Uhh I went to watch Money Not Enough Part 2. I was laughing mostly. Sad and touched at some moments. But it was a nice nice watch with Jeou Yee and Fimtan. Heart warming =)) Thanks for the time shared, Jeou Yee and Fimtan =))

After the movie, was supposed to go to Eye Dragon Dragon-I but sadly, was already 9.15pm. I do not want to rush a nice dinner so instead just went to A&W. Been ages since I went there. I actually rarely drink black carbonated drinks other than root beer =)) That is because of A&W. Brunei once had it but closed down. (Not much business maybe as Brunei really has a small population only)

Our dinner.

I love curly fries =)) AND yes..It all started from A&W. Other things in A&W actually not worth much mentioning lah.

JY with his float!! Fimtan with her ice cream waffle!!

AND I get to meet a very very pretty lady!! [Just in case she does not like it, I am not posting her pictures until she gives me a green light =))] She approved of this! A picture with a short plump me there HAHA AND we went to watch fireworks. The plan was for us to pay a damn high taxi fare (its damn RM12 ok?!) to go into Lagoonview and see the nice fireworks there! But darn! NO FIREWORKS! ISH..but at least I got to talk to her =)) And thanks to Jeou Yee for being so nice and went out to “watch” fireworks.

All-in-all. I enjoyed yesterday thoroughly. Seriously, thanks =))

p.s. I hearts all my friends despite what ever happened. I will always try to make things out. Only, only, if only, you trust that I did.

p.p.s. The words in green are those I added for the updated version of this blog post =))

p.p.p.s. somebody stole took my fork! YES MY FORK. I hereby curse that person who INTENTIONALLY took my fork to choke to death while using my fork to eat! or use my fork to do what ever! ARGHHHHHHH… (this shall not apply if I misplaced my fork [which i doubt so]) or if I forgot I borrowed it to someone else [Which I doubt so too] )Though I have another fork but still…..urghhhhhh…… FYI, it is not a light light fork. It is those not easily bendable, quality not bad one. I do not know how to use light light fork (I know but only on compromising circumstances!!) and I, being a selfish me, never seldom share with people one.


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Just how it is…

Oh well, sometimes I care too much.

Every single thing.
Its overwhelming.
I have to control.
AND always..Emotions fail me.
Bad day for me I guess.
Because of one guy whom I am so sorry to.
A tiring one some more.
Because of one girl who made me felt so stupid.

There is a guy (for now)..
That I sometimes hate (I understand this is a strong word) talking to!
The mere voice of him talking to me..
Sometimes make me much much more angry!
I do not know what got into me.
BUT one thing I am sure..
This is not because I like/love him.
He will always be just a friend.
Please do not start on me and him with BGR!
I think this is all because of what he had done previously..
And his current attitude.
Another important thing is..
he is not a sincere friend!
(of course, this is my own biased opinion)
(I AM a human afterall!)

I am seriously sorry.
Today, someone with no temperament
Was affected because of a simple thing I said.
But it really came to me as a shock more than surprise that it actually made you sad.
I was so shocked that i cried myself to sleep nap.
Sorry for my stupid words…

Today, yet it is today again, I felt so tired.
Tired of another certain someone.
I tried to make you a true friend of mine.
No, you did not appreciate it.
My effort was like down the drain.
I do not feel hurt.
Instead, I feel so stupid.
I feel so tired too!

On a random note…
Today (again) found out something which puzzled me.
This guy is not a gentleman.
He is (ok I admit) above average in his studies but not the best!
Oh well, maybe he has got a lot of good things
[I do compliment him one O=)]
But cannot too much in case he will grow wings!
AND also in case some naive and childish people think..
I am infatuated with him.
But seriously, why so many people like him?
Today I found out another one person who like him!
Maybe he knows some black magic!
Or he made all those girls around him drink love potion?
Oh well, maybe in his last life he never had any girl friends.
For his good karma, God gave him a lot of admirers this lifetime!
Ok this is a random crap..

To dear someone…
Your tears is not worthless…
Just as in my tears is not too.
My tears always when rubbed dry, give me a sense of stability.
That was why I never feel crying is a bad thing.
Just remember, after you cried…
Stand back up and walk further and stronger…
What does not kill you will make you stronger!

Recently (more than recent)..
There is this one certain nice person..
Gave me help, support, advice etc without bias.
Sometimes the gratitude I felt towards her for lifting me up is indescribable..
Such friends are indeed…
Hard to find!
Infinite words of “thank you“s to you!
[Seriously, when I saw the words “Miss Foo u ok d mah?”, I was feeling better =))]

There were too many happenings today..
That I do not know how to jot them all down.
Mostly unhappy…
Some very random ones…
But I believe tomorrow will be better =))
Sure will be…
It MUST be!!!
I will go to Lowyat and Borders!
Hopefully I can find my tarot cards =))


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Appreciation =))

Seriously, this is NOT a matter or good manners or not. Maybe many linked it to politeness. Just when you are lazy to explain, just tell that person, hey..please be polite!

I seriously appreciate polite people. But do you not think that EVERYONE around you need some sense of achievement? As Tan (2008) puts it, that can motivate you even! I try to make people feel appreciated for any little contribution they made to me, my life, people around me. It feels great to see people feel they themselves did something good.
Likewise, I would very much love it when people acknowledge what I did was a good cause or actually made someone benefited from it. Or even if it did not, why not appreciate that at least I tried to make it be as such? Do not try to put people who tried to make things work feel unappreciated. Even though what they did might actually proved to be futile!

Just a simple thank you…


Tan, M. S. (2008). Untiltled, Cyber World, Unpublished MSN Chats.

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Set me a happy moment =))


My room is still mine =)) I seriously do not mind letting my baby sisters and my granny sleeping in there once in a while =))
I know how stubborn and selfish i was in order to have that room of mine kept mine =P SO?

More things added into my room the house =))


Back to Brunei year end *for sure?* =P

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The Little Penang Cafe

HA! Went to The Curve =)) It was a spontaneous decision. 5.30pm walked back from Monash despite not finishing my work, changed and left. The traffic was horrible! reached only after one and a half hours! ><" Car sick due to not having enough sleep! =(( Had dinner in Little Penang Cafe. Beside our table sat cute lil babies =)) Do not dare to snap their pictures HAHA.. Anyway, the dinner was fine but the Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle I ordered was a tad bit spicy. I cam still feel the acid gurgling up my throat as I type this. The price was few times more expensive than Penang’s and the taste was quite ok (did I try prawn noodle in Penang?) Yan Wan ordered lo bak. Penang’s nicer. The one in New Lane. =)) Bee Fong ordered something called Lam Mee. Nothing special! hehe
After the dinner, went shop around before going to Tesco! YES..TESCO! I was just asking about Tesco and GOT TO GO! HAHA… *so lucky* Erm..Tesco nothing much. Things are cheap. Great varieties. BUT very untidy. We got a whole loads of stuff. Oh well, more for Yan Wan and Bee Fong. That two are good potential housewives material. I only know how to buy things that can be cooked easily! HAHA. Or even junk food =P After that, wanted to get Big Apple Donuts for Tyee et al. (Please spare me those referencing ==”) But alas think better not to since its late and they do not want to go to Foyer anymore. A very last minute thing. Oh well, off we go then. It was a breeze going back, no traffic. JUST one third the time used to go there =)) But still, enough to give me another bout of headache. Was so dizzy and nauseous! Oh well, at least I enjoyed =))

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Running mind

Its is now a real hectic time for many of us!
Assignments, reports, essays, quizzes..MID SEM TEST! ><" I am trying to cope but been sleeping too much, going out for fun too much, watching dramas too much, EVERYTHING FUN being too much and done too little no revision!

AND time flies! Its now mid semester. Maybe we had too much fun! ==” I shall try to achieve more TODAY! =)) *hopefully* Since there will be fogging in Condo Hostel, and we are required to be evacuated at 10am. Until 2pm. I shall try my best to make that period a productive one in the university =))

Random thought: Is there a person who found someone who..

Something out of my mind: It is now very hectic but deal with it nicely. Everyone has their own sets of problems and not forgetting stress too. We have our own family self to answer to IF we do not get through this semester. Your source of anger/frustration should NEVER be let go on someone else. AND if that happened, apology should be done ASAP. Sadness/disappointments/hurt caused is directly proportional to the time left for the misunderstanding(s) wound to grow. BUT i try to NOT live in negativity..I am all well =))Another thing off my mind: Not only do I love to contradict myself. Others do too. Just as in someone who would ask me why did I not deal with him/her directly when I could, but then when I do, it is often unappreciated. Oh well, c’est la vie. I shall sleep this off and promise NEVER EVER again will I initiate to offer/question/whatever him/her until him/her demands it. AND by demand, I seriously mean a POLITE one. =P

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Lizards, lizards, go away!

There are now a few of these eggs shells lying in my room. =))

You ask why?

SULYN SAW A LIZARD IN OUR ROOM! Must be me always snacking in the room! Sorry AND lizards apparently hate the smell, yeah, the smell! The smell that we normal human beings cannot smell! =))

According to Sulyn, it always worked and that is what they have been doing at home since she was young. Hope it works =D

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