My sister…

Today is the day she goes back home after being in UK for about a year (more like ten months)

Today she stood at a tip where she knew for sure many could not reach. (Yet many been through it too)

She completed her degree… (Which she does not feel is satisfactory enough)

She experienced world on her own… (Not the whole world but Europe?)

She learnt to live on her own… (Not totally since she did not earn the money HAHA)

There is much more to her and her life than this. AND surely, her going back to Brunei on her birthday gave my dad so much too be excited about…


p.s. I missed out a lot! =( and that was the most recent picture I have of her and me. It was taken in Empire Hotel and Country Club. Sometime before she left for UK and when I just got back from Paris.

p.p.s. This is a late post because I feel unwell. Came back early from dinner before 8pm. Showered and slept. Wake up to a heavy head. ><"

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