Potential House Husbands

It is very true nowadays guys should share the housework. But did you realise now that there are some change of roles too? House husbands are now on the rise when more women rise up the corporate ladder. AND I just recently found two =D

The first candidate…

Status: Single and available

Second candidate…

Status: Unclear Single. Please ask for availability

We went grocery shopping instead of watching Meet Dave right after lunch and these two… YEAH its them… They got a heck loads of FOOD. Plates, bowls, knife, chopping board, etc.. ==” They must be real determined to cook BUT I wonder how they are going to finish cooking so much RAW vegetables (cute baby potatoes, garlic, onion, asparagus, long beans, banana, ginger AND a lot more!), meat (chicken fillet and chicken whole leg), frozen food (sausages I think?) ==” AND they even have some Chinese herbal stuff HAHA.. AND the list does NOT end here…
Oh well, they can now cook and belanja us instead =P HAHA not only that! They even bought stuff like floor cleaner, to do house chores. Potential good man-maids husbands material. Everyone who is interested is more than welcome to ask for MORE details HAHA

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