Hostellite Party!

Today sure very tired. Yesterday was good enough a tiring day for me. I had a whole day of class yesterday since it was Thursday! AND this week’s Friday, is different. It is more tiring! ==” WHY? cause got a freaking Chemistry online quiz due! =( I had to call twice to Singapore to get someone’s help! He was just back from classes and was as tired. Yet, thanks so much, he helped. Unlike that Shane! Call him so many times and he refused to help. NEXT TIME I WON’T TOO! ><"
So we had lunch at Medan as usual. But this time after lunch, we went to Monash. The Penang Trio went to settle their deposit to go to USA Work and Travel. After that went to computer lab and do our Chemistry quiz. It is damn hard this time ok? I was so frustrated and tired! T.T

Seriously felt so sorry to Ying Xuan because I was not able to help out much with her assignment. I have no will to help others when I myself feel so stress! AND another sorry to Jeou Yee. He asked for help but because of the state I was in, i pushed him off. At least, I tried to ask Shane to help him but I think Shane did not because Jeou Yee is NOT his gay partner. Moreover, he half heartedly teach me only. So fed up with him!

With the help from Wong Hong Kit, i got nine out of ten! I could have gotten full marks had it not been Lean Lee Ming =( But oh well, it is my luck anyway. AND DON’T BE SO KIASU LAH. ONE MARK ONLY MAH! haha… I assure you here, it is NOT your fault lah Lean Lee Ming. It is my decision anyway

Then after completing the quizzes, we walked back to hostel, dropped our things and went to Sunway Pyramid. Did groceries HAHA. Oh yeah, the gay partners (In case some does not know, Shane and Lean Lee Ming) went there earlier at 5pm to Redbox.

So we went to the party aforementioned as the title late *sorry* HAHA… The party was just “comme si comme ca”! Let the pictures do the talking for now =D

After that, we walked back to hostel. I was tired and felt dirty since I have not had a shower since that noon! Hehe…so I went for my shower and went back down to join them for their lil chit chats near poolside. Who knows? LEFT ONLY TEE YEE AND JACKI! ><" Anyway, Jacky was so sexy!! hehe


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