The Little Penang Cafe

HA! Went to The Curve =)) It was a spontaneous decision. 5.30pm walked back from Monash despite not finishing my work, changed and left. The traffic was horrible! reached only after one and a half hours! ><" Car sick due to not having enough sleep! =(( Had dinner in Little Penang Cafe. Beside our table sat cute lil babies =)) Do not dare to snap their pictures HAHA.. Anyway, the dinner was fine but the Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle I ordered was a tad bit spicy. I cam still feel the acid gurgling up my throat as I type this. The price was few times more expensive than Penang’s and the taste was quite ok (did I try prawn noodle in Penang?) Yan Wan ordered lo bak. Penang’s nicer. The one in New Lane. =)) Bee Fong ordered something called Lam Mee. Nothing special! hehe
After the dinner, went shop around before going to Tesco! YES..TESCO! I was just asking about Tesco and GOT TO GO! HAHA… *so lucky* Erm..Tesco nothing much. Things are cheap. Great varieties. BUT very untidy. We got a whole loads of stuff. Oh well, more for Yan Wan and Bee Fong. That two are good potential housewives material. I only know how to buy things that can be cooked easily! HAHA. Or even junk food =P After that, wanted to get Big Apple Donuts for Tyee et al. (Please spare me those referencing ==”) But alas think better not to since its late and they do not want to go to Foyer anymore. A very last minute thing. Oh well, off we go then. It was a breeze going back, no traffic. JUST one third the time used to go there =)) But still, enough to give me another bout of headache. Was so dizzy and nauseous! Oh well, at least I enjoyed =))

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