Appreciation =))

Seriously, this is NOT a matter or good manners or not. Maybe many linked it to politeness. Just when you are lazy to explain, just tell that person, hey..please be polite!

I seriously appreciate polite people. But do you not think that EVERYONE around you need some sense of achievement? As Tan (2008) puts it, that can motivate you even! I try to make people feel appreciated for any little contribution they made to me, my life, people around me. It feels great to see people feel they themselves did something good.
Likewise, I would very much love it when people acknowledge what I did was a good cause or actually made someone benefited from it. Or even if it did not, why not appreciate that at least I tried to make it be as such? Do not try to put people who tried to make things work feel unappreciated. Even though what they did might actually proved to be futile!

Just a simple thank you…


Tan, M. S. (2008). Untiltled, Cyber World, Unpublished MSN Chats.

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